Make my curls pop

I have 4a hair at the back of my head.I can just wash my hair and you can really see the natural curl.But at the front of my head .It’s 4b hair.I have to be honest .I love my 4a hair more.Its soft and easily to manage and soak up moisture more.I was quite annoy I had two different curls I would prefer 4a curls or 3c curls but you got to deal with the hand God deals you.

Africa Best Organics Olive oil hair and scalp therapy .
Africa Best Organics Olive oil hair and scalp therapy .

Not am not to sure where 4a curls come from, as my mum 4b hair not sure what size curls my dad had.I rarely wear my hair out.Just to much trouble .I wear protective styles 360 days a year.And it suits me fine.I tried a new hair product that my mum give me.I wasn’t aware of this product and would never brought it on my own.The products called Africa Best Organics Olive oil hair and scalp therapy .

Africa Best Organics Olive oil hair and scalp therapy .
Africa Best Organics Olive oil hair and scalp therapy .

Its a fun light green colour , with bits of herbs in it .The consistent is a bit thick and creamy .I don’t normal do cream based hair conditioner because I don’t like the fact you can see the cream until it dries and I always thought it wouldn’t moisture enough. But I am surprise by this product and the way it make my curls really pop .And its easy to distribute threw my hair strands ,unlike the African Pride magical gro I was using for years. I would recommend this products. Here the list of first few ingredients

Water, Glycerin ,Polyquaternium32 ,Mineral oil , Dicetyldimonium Chloride ,



Sleek Kohl Eyeliner review

I have brought Sleek Kohl Eyeliner for years and love black eyeliner to dark my eyebrows and give them the full eastern African bush eyebrows look lol.

I am obsessed with full eyebrows,look how it looks.But what I found with the Sleek eyeliner is it’s not that good.Its splits a lot when your trying to sharpen it.The eyeliner a bit cream goes on reasonable well.But I have to say after years of using it .I want better quality.its constant breaking when I am trying to sharper it .I am beginning to realise why people say you, get what you pay for.I dont know if anyone has any Kohl eyeliner you would recommend of better quality for me ? I have tried various budget brands like Miss Sporty and Collection 2000 but there the same .The quality isn’t that great. There all around £3.00 and they aint that good.

Exfoliating my lips.

I love lipstick and I feel like wearing lipstick really makes my face pop.It give me that come hither look.But I haven’t always felt confident wearing lipstick , since l have big lips. And the European beauty standard which is force down most people throats here, effected me as a teenager with white kids making fun of my big lips. But as l’ve got older , l was like F the European standard of beauty .I am African not European genetically and many Africans have big lips.I was getting to old to hate on my African looks and pretend to be something I am not. It was time to celebrate my African dna.

Gabrini Water Shine Lipstick
Gabrini Water Shine 108

But unfortunately lacking in racial self esteem wasn’t the only problem l had. I also had chronic my dry lips. I would wear lipstick and my lips would start peeling around the corners. I didn’t know why. I didn’t realize ,your meant to exfoliates your lips regularly and moisture them. To stop your lips peeling, drying and cracking. I feel like beauty and taking care of your face and body is look down in the age of feminism ,while women, girls chase equal pay and equality in patriarchy society we live in. Women and girls are constantly told in school to learn there AB , Maths and English but not how to look after there skin and hair.I wasn’t taught nothing about looking after my skin and hair at high school. Even though neglecting these things can lead to health problems.The irony of it.Truth feminism I believe would teach young girls to look after the physical health not just there education.Since you only get one body.

This week I started hunting for a recipe to use to exfoliate my lip and solve my chronic dry lips. I found a simple lip scrub recipe on which can be made with ingredients you have in you kitchen cupboard.Its Coconut Oil lip scrub recipe below.

.Coconut Oil Lip Scrub

  • 20mg of organic coconut oil
  • 20mg of brown sugar
  • 5mg of coarse sea salt
  • A drop of your favourite essential oil
Homemade Coconut oil & sugar Lip Scrub

I use Coconut oil, plain white Sugar I didn’t have Brown Sugar in the cupboards , Lavender oil and a toothbrush to scrub my lips with the mixed for two minutes. I use medium bristle toothbrush and then wiped it away with a tissue. And then moisture my lips with Palm oil.

My lips felt lovely afterwards and I will try using lip scrub two or three times a week and see if the dry lips problem stops. Have you learnt any new beauty or health tips this week? Please comment below .Please subscribe and share my blog on social media.

Love Betty.

Equipment for filming documentary.

Hi I want to start a new website called brown sugar mag and I need to buy a few new  things to film on the street.For the street interviews. The new website going to force on Black British experience .


The first thing I brought was two new batteries for my Nikon d5100 ,as filming drains batteries very quickly.The next thing I brought was external microphone to record the sound .Then I brought tripod to hold the camera steady.I also brought USB card reader and usb battery charger for my Nikon batterries. Lastly I brought Camera battery grip so my Nikon 5100 camera can use two batteries when filming. There a few other things l need to brought but l will blog them when I buy them.


YouTube Protecting Bullys

Over the last few months have I been networking online and have been threaten and bullied by many black men .Ezra Azir ,Jedionline ,Raspect , Mysta Lee , Beefie ,Content over Everything who are all YouTubers who have YouTube channels. YouTube havent done much about it but take one of my videos down complaining about the black man JediOnline who threaten several black people and me.

He went online and said I had been sectioned and on anti psychotic drugs on Content Over Everything video. Which is a lie. He hasnt proved it but I have proved hes threaten people, as I record him threatening people.Hes a dangerous man. and should be locked up. He just trying to discredit me .

Also Danny Taylor also threatened me hes part of G Circle.

Jedi has been for months trying to intimidated me and cyber bully me .But I have stood firm .I wont be threaten or intimidated by pothead and violent thug like Jedi or hes backup dancers. There plain criminals and cancer in the black community, they need to be exposed.

Jedi Online is a violence thug  and threatens many black people who just disagree with hes promoting of Cannabis and violence. Jedi also verbal attacks Africans who speak of there African heritage .Hes done that to me several times. Because hes ashamed to be African but loves to pretend to be Jamaican. And wants to make other Africans pretend to be Jamaican. And  hes also use violence to other black man on camera. Just because he disagree with him. Video below.Jed preach peace but use violence. Hes a  hypocrite

Jedi manage to have whole channels against him because of hes threaten ,intimidate and violence .I know quite a few black people who have complained about him to me and been threaten by him. I always tell them to report him and report to YouTube.

Raspect is another headcase and pothead. He makes video’s cyber bullying and attacking Africans. He made this video inciting people to attack a guy called max from Canada but walks around London  claiming to be getting young black boys out of violence .He is the problem in the black community.Hes hypocrite and thug.

YouTube has once again left the video up even though hes used Max photo and he clears says he has ahki in Canada to deal with Max. Its disgusting what Raspect Jedi do to people.Any black boy following them will only end up in prison. They bad role models.

Raspect ,Jedi and Mike also were disrespect to old Nigerian man who just wanted to know about G Circle and advise them .Video here.Timestamp 1.52.28 There like feral cats .

Ezra Azir is a Jamaican guy from Birmingham who has threatened me several times and other black people .He hides from the camera but goes on Respect and Jedi channel attacking me. They made a video saying there had a photos of me in a threesome which was a lie and once again YouTube kept it up. Video here. Listen to Timestamp 1.52.43 To listen to the lies there spreading against me. They are bullies get together to make adobe Photoshop videos and videos attacking my character and other black people. YouTube do nothing about it even though I and other have complained.


Also its important to note that the guy Mysta Lee was the Jamaican guy from Birmingham who fancied me and wanted to take me to dinner.And get with me. When he could not get me ,he started verbal attacking me online. The best thing is he has a woman .Hes disgusting person and obviously cheats on hes woman

YouTube has been accused in the past by the Government of promoting hate speech and criminals. From my experience over the last few months I have seen just what YouTube are about. And its true.

You Tube doesn’t protect people from cyber bullying and there protect the bully’s and promote violence , racism and injustice for profit. If my cyber bullying goes to court Jedi and hes merry men would be exposed as violence bully’s. People have ask me to upload the video again of Jedi threatening people but I don’t want to make my channel about exposing these black criminals.But if anyone wants the recording there should just tweet me or contact me. Its important to expose these violence men who claim to be helping stop the gang violence in London while threatening other black people. Watch out for this

Watch out for this violence gang G Circle there aren’t men of peace ,they are men of war.

The sad thing is there many people in the G Circle who want to help protect young black boys and stop knife claim. But the leadership will only leader boys from the school to the prison pipeline and spend there time threatening other black people. .


Men lie & Moss side Criminals

Men lie is all I can say. They lie to hide there wrong actions. They lie to ignore the pain they cause women and kids.

I have had many online trolls lies about me over the couple of months Mainly druggies e.g potheads , black men with criminal records and people who have illegal guns. All of them Black men , most Jamaicans men expect for one Nigerian thug Jedi the rapper.They have bullyed me because I told them that smoking drugs is wrong under a comment section of a video. Many people said the same thing but because I have a YouTube channel , they threaten me , started stealing my videos and bullying me online. And getting they friends to threaten me.

Anyway selling drugs is still wrong. I ain’t going to be taking advice from black men who have illegal guns and criminals records. I HOPE they get caught.I have realized men who are insecure will lie to discredit you. The Nigerian guy Jedionline lied and said I had been sectioned under the mental health act, to hide the fact he’s criminal on YouTube  Channel I enjoy watching .They posted the blatant lies on YouTube for clicks . I reported that video for cyber bullying. Jedi the Nigerian who thinks hes some Jamaican Yardie gangster ( many Africans kids had to plenty there Caribbean so the Caribbeans wont bully them , even as adults some African still do this )   Jed didn’t seem to care if it was a blatant lie.And the stupid black men around them didn’t ask him for proof. They just stood there gossiping and spreading lies.

If I had the money I would sue them for defamation of character but I don’t have the money. That’s why bullys bully because they believe you are weaker then them. Its pure misogyny and criminality. Its sad what criminals and former criminals will do for YouTube clicks. These former criminals care not if they harm my reputation. I have learnt a lot about black men and men in general . And not all of it nice. Sexist and insecure men rarely want to give a women credit for her work. I have also see there jealous because I built a platform of over 1400 subscribers and they didn’t. Most of these bullies have no YouTube channel or a blog or any followers. With always preach against smoking drugs and getting involved in gangs . I simply talked about Hair , Make up, Politics, Manchester and My African heritage on my YouTube channel. Its amazing how men are jealous of a women success. They criminals even had the cheek to say I should support them because we are both black.

The pro drug lobby in the black community is strong. We all know there’s black people selling drugs and that’s why there pro drugs so much. I have spend too much time listening and chilling with abusive men online and liars . I am done, I was genuinely just trying to network but I ain’t going to socially with former criminals and criminals who think I should stand and support there criminal and bullying behaviour.

One day Jedi Raspect rappers and Ricko the one with illegal gun , lies will be exposed. They still haven’t proved any evidence for there claims that I was sectioned and they friends still sent me threats on my personal Facebook. But I leave it to God. As revenges is the Lord .We all reap what we sow. But seriously be careful online there online thugs that will stop at nothing for famous and click bait , they will try and destroy your reputation just for money. I will always stand against criminals in the black community. I grew up in Hulme and Moss side. I saw how mainly Jamaicans criminals  killed and destroy many people lives. So they can get money and all the material wealth.

My dad always warned me about not to go to Gooch close in Moss Side because of the Jamaicans criminals who were killing people like there animals. Life was cheap in Moss Side still is.

To this day I don’t really like going to Jamaican takeaways or any Jamaican persons house or even socially with them because of my childhood experience. I remember a friend of a friend Beny Stanley 1 years old being shot dead in a Jamaican takeaway or near. I became so afraid of Caribbeans especially Jamaicans as they just to bully me and my Nigerian friends for being African. And they roll with guns.I stayed alive in Moss side because I didn’t social with the Caribbeans e.g Jamaicans , I never when to any of there parties e.g blues. And I am glad I didn’t. Most of the Jamaicans and Caribbeans kids were raised by single mothers and you rarely saw there fathers.

The only Jamaican I remember being nice was my old Jamaican neighbour she was retire and use to be a nurse. She never said nasty things about Africans like the other Jamaicans and Caribbeans. We use to call her auntie. Shes use to go to church every Sunday and was always at the sauna . And warned us about taking doctors medicine because it can make you sicker then when you weren’t taking it.A lot of black older people don’t trust white folk medicine . She was a good person may she rest in peace.

This is the girl Michelle that use to bully me and my Nigerian friends. Fun she never mention being offspring of enslaved Africans , just that us Africans were less then her and Caribbeans friends. Me, my sister and Nigerian friend had to change are names due to the bullying by Jamaicans and Caribbeans .Its was a terrible time

Anyway this bitch got a white man now the irony of it. And she not Jamaican she from another Caribbean island a french one. And I hate her as much as I hated her the day she bullied us for being African. Her favourite line was I am alright , even though I am African. That was the favourite line self hating Caribbeans, pretend there not of African descent. Unfortunately for me when they were bullying me I didn’t know there were of African descent. My parents never told me they were the offspring of African slaves , my dad just told me to stay away from the Jamaicans. It was for good reason too.

Many Caribbeans in Uk don’t like to tell people they are of African descent because there ashamed of there history. Unfortunately the damage was done on my racial self esteem. Because of what they did I wont allow any kid of mime to hang out with Caribbean kids unless I vet them for criminality and to see if they on I hate Africans tip and going to deny there African DNA. And teach my child to hate there African roots.

I would warn any African against allowing your kids to hang with the off spring of African slaves. Many of them adults and kids will teach your kids to hate being African. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.Not all of them are like that but in my experience its about 50 percent. To this day Caribbeans still come to me, my mum , many Africans and claim we sold them even though we weren’t around at the time of slavery. There a lot of hatred  the gangs in Manchester , you will notice its Africans vs Caribbeans. But folks like to hide that .

Irony is Michelle the bully got a white man with mixed race kids. So its obvious she hates being of African descent.No wonder she was bulling me and my Nigerian friends

That’s why she was making my life a living hell. I remember this bitch saying she hated white folk , now she making babies with them , fucking hypocrite. God will deal with her. An way lucky I never ran into her now she back in Manchester. This is one of the reason there a lot of hatred between Africans and Caribbean because of the bullying . Not that Caribbeans will admit what some of them get up too.

If I am honest the criminal element in Moss side and Hulme is legendary. Many Jamaicans don’t want to hear of the harm the criminal element in there community , cause to others in the area. Whether they turned to selling drugs because they couldn’t find work due to racism in the 70s and 80s. The fact is they cause a lot of fear and pain for to innocent people and kids in the area. Pointing fingers when you have feral youth doesn’t help solve the problem. I was lucky to go to a Nigerian play-scheme in summer, lucky there was no criminals and everyone was Nigerian .I had a lovely time there. It was a safe place from the Caribbean bullies. I thank the Nigerian Centre and the ladies for doing that and volunteering they time to look after us kids. It was free too. Please try and give back to your community , as there many who are struggling to provide for there kids. Its not a crime to be poor ! Feral youth even end up dead or in jail .

Lastly people will have you believe there no riff between African vs Caribbeans but there is in Britain. There hatred and pain on both side. I have no solutions for the problem .I am just telling my story as African.

Please don’t let online bully ruin you or stop you from speaking out about criminals in your community. You own no one anything but the truth. NO JUSTICE NO PEACE !