Its so important to be proud of where you come from ,especially if your of African descent. The way Africans are demonized in the media is disgusting.But today was one of those days when I said Fuck western beaut standards.I am doing me 360 days a year.This headscarf inspired by the Fulani and Tuareg women of Niger.Team Africa

IMG_20171207_185559 IMG_20171207_191053

Why is it so hard for the west to understand that its wealth is built on the back of Africans pain ,suffering and wealth.Its time to celebrate diverse of Africa and not just western European Caucasian beauty .FYBStandards.

Picture 35

Pretty in pink ,baby pink viscose scarf, what to do with the hair.

Picture 38

I love Malian singer Fatoumata Diawara fashion sense so many colours ,she may fashion role model

Fatoumata Diawara
Fatoumata Diawara




African print fashion

dress 8
African Strapless Dashiki Dress

I have been celebrating my African heritage lately.And plain fed up of plain colours and patterns that the clothes that I found on the high street come in. I have come across some beautiful pieces in Asian and African shops. As well as online. Here what I want for my wardrobe.In time for my African holidays

Lime Green Dashiki print dress


Maasai Leather Sandals

Made of 100 % cotton and come in a vary of colours, some Massai leather sandals

dress red.jpg
Red African Strapless Dashiki Dress.


dress 1
Dashiki purple print
dress 6
African Strapless Dashiki Dress.


African Dashiki Shirt


shirt 6
African Strapless Dashiki Shirt.


Maasai Earrings

Maasai are know for wearing bright clothes,just like the west african prints .Bright colours are everywhere

maasai women
Maasai Women

I want all the clothes and all these items. What on you clothes fashion wish list ?please comment and share on social media.Love Betty

October Shopping Haul

I have brought quite a few things in October and they took quite a while to be delivered ,as many items came from India or China. First thing I got was a floral turban . Its great way to cover your hair when your having a bad hair day or just can’t be bother to do your hair.Its was dirt cheap and only £2.99.And its feels lovely and soft plus its stretchy. turban floral

Picture 1
Floral Turban


I also brought a EcoTools Buffing brush ,for putting on my foundation.I am happy with the brush as putting my foundation on with my fingers and a sponge was getting messy. I brought it on Ebay for £5.99 ,there were some stray hairs but I just putted them out. Its worth the money and it makes my foundation look nice. I also brought my first bluffing brush ,for applying makeup Foundation . img_20171114_144204-433763278.jpgI

I also brought Jamaican black castor oil for my fibroids .It’s amazing for getting rid of the pain and relaxing the body. Its just a pity in not available on NHS.Its expensive too.


I also brought several scarves in baby Pink , Purple form the market in Arndale centre . I also brought one metre of Red cotton jersey for a headscarf as I was struggling to find a headscarf made of jersey cotton.I wish I didn’t buy this cotton jersey as its a bit stiff and doesn’t have a soft touch to it.I should have brought viscose instead but you live and learn.Its still a lovely colour though.

Hijab and Headscarves

Ebay Paint Haul

I brought several items from Ebay this month and I brought for new paints , for learning to paint .I was looking for cheap quality paints but with lots of colours for mixing and ex.I have brought Daler Rowney paint before and it lasted for years. So I thought I would try them again.

The first one I brought was Daler Rowney Acrylic Simply 24 set ,they look lovely and its contains my favourite colour Fuchsia Pink. Look forward to using them.

The second set I brought was there Simply Oil 24 set , I was disappointed with this set as there’s no Fuschia pink colour. So I will have to mix the colour but it was a bargain at £10.95 .I will test them out in the next few weeks and see what there like. As they are the cheapest set Daley Rowney do and there for beginners not professional artists. I think there, work fine for a beginners like me.


Channeling Naomi Campbell

Winters drawing in ,I need some new hair.I have been getting fed up of big curly hair.I want that smooth Naomi Campbell look. As a teen growing up in UK .I got the stereotype comments ,you look like Naomi Campbell.

naomi 1
Naomi Campbell


Just because we were both black tall and slim. I didn’t even wear a long straight weave .I actually just had long box braids. Plus I don’t think we look a like,I think shes actually darker then me and my nose is longer .And my nose is straighter and its sticks out when you look at me from the side.Plus my nose is wider and Naomi has a cute button nose.Naomi also wears coloured contacts sometimes , I don’t .Shes still beautiful but we don’t look alike.But you know folks are blind.

Naomi Campbell

I think folks we trying to compliment me by saying we look alike but it didn’t really work lol. But I have been grazing at YouTuber Jocelyn Partee makeup look and hair .Its very Naomi Campbell Pocahontas inspired.Jocelyn so pretty .I dont know if I can wear the hair that long but I will give it a try.

Jocelyn Partee

Time to channel Pocahontas,watch this space.

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HeartBroken bye Youtube.

I have been on YouTube nearly 8 years and the hate is getting too much. Plus my health problems aint getting any better. I am coming off YouTube for a break. Sorry to my YouTube subscribers but l haven’t had enough.Love to you all and thanks for your support over the years.

I will still blog here but my video’s wont be available anymore. Its just not worth it.

Much love please pray for me.