Aldi Smoked Mackerel Review

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Aldi Smoked Mackerel

Healthy eating on a budget is hard work , no matter what people say,especially when the DWP are paying the bills.Variety for me right now is difficult,when you have a wee wee budget like me.

I find myself looking in cookbooks ,flicking through YouTube channel and blogs for ways to spice up my food choice while being unemployed.

While shopping this week at ALDI, I saw Aldi’s Smoked Mackerel.I love Smoked Mackerel and usually buy it from Asda but since moving, Aldi is the nearest supermarket for me.

As I am trying to lose some of my puppy fat , I am trying to eat more fish and less meat.Aldi Smoked Mackerel was something I was keen to try for tea ( Dinner to you Southern lol) . I decided to have beetroot , cauliflower and the fish for my evening tea (Dinner) . As I tuck into my evening meal , my excitement turned to disappointed .The fish was horrible, it was nothing like Asda Smoked Mackerel I am use to buying.

The first thing that upset me ,was the amount of bones in it,I nearly choked serious times because of the bones. Asda smoked mackerel doesn’t have bones in it but Aldi’s fish was full of bones. I had to spend most of my time ,slowly unpicking the bones from the fish.Which got me more frustrated and made me more hungry.

Then as I manage to pick out the bones ,the fish tasted dry as hell and a bit tasteless.Its didn’t have that lovely smoked taste I’m use too.My secret Green Chill sauce , didn’t improve its dry taste.The fish seems to have no natural oil left in it ,compare to Asda smoked mackerel and by the end of dinner .I was frustrated and left to eat a bloody sandwich for my evening meal.

I won’t be buying that fish from ALDI again and I think I’ll be returning it back to the shop for a refund.I have to stick to buying it from Asda instead.

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Love Betty.