My new 120 eyeshadow palette

Hi people I’ve got a new 120 eye shadow palette from Amazon called Laroc summer tones palette.I am looking to trying out some beautiful eye looks I’ve seen via YouTube. But unfortunately my palette, got damage in the post, some of the eyeshadows our broken. But I still love palette, it’s one of the only cheap eye shadow palette that show up my coco brown skin and its dirty cheap at £5.99.Lucky the seller is senting me a free replace for it.

120 Summer Eyeshadow Palette.

Whats your favourite palette for creating eyeshadow looks ?

120 Eye Shadow Palette

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Bikini Haul

Its winter in Lancashire England and I can see snow ,on the Pennines mountains surrounding Greater Manchester .Its got me thinking about warmer climates .I need a warm holiday this year and I want to be able to wear my bikini’s .Here’s some of my  bikinis I’ve never worn .Bikini Haul

Ebay Haul

If there’s on thing I am thankful for is Ebay its cheap and has a wide collection of things to pay them in the shops.

The first thing I brought was two Tablet cover for my personal tablet and my work tablet which I use for my volunteering on the Tenants association where I live.The first tablet cover is Green polka and I love it .And the second one is pink tablet cover, there fit 7 inch tablet.

tablet cover
Green Polka Dot Tablet Cover

The second thing I brought ,was these bamboo makeup brushes .They have Eco Brushes written on the packaging ,but I have no idea if theirs real Eco brushes.But they do look beautiful and feel very soft.I will review them on my YouTube channel soon.

Eco Bamboo Makeup Brushes



Things I wish I never brought

lashesFur coat2Hey folks its a new year and I would like reinvent myself, by glamouring up my look.So I brought myself a leopard print fur coat and some human hair red cherry lashes ,to give me that million dollar look.But unfortunately  folks I hate the products I brought for different reasons.

The first thing is the Red Cherry Lashes look great in pictures but they look jacked up and dont feel like human hair when you get them.I have no idea if there are fake since I got them from ebay but they look really bad .I wont both returning them as they were only 99p.They came from Hong Kong and took five weeks to come,they were a waste of money .Fake tears people.

The second thing was a lovely fake leopard fur coat from the Studio24, unfortunately the sleeves are to short and the coat is really a jacket .Its only underlined and has no padding in it to keep you warm.I wanted to wear it as a coat ,but its going to have to be a light jacket.It looks lovely but its a waste of money. Lol

Beauty on the Dole

As you know I am unemployed and too sick too work ,due too fibroids .But the Iast time I worked was 2012 .And its been so hard being broke.

One thing that is so annoying, is you cant afford to go out with your friends , you cant afford to get your hair or your nails done at the salon. Theres also endless amount of things you can’t afford but one thing that being broke as taught me ,is to do my own hair and nails.Its taught me too take the time to pamper myself and turn me into a kitchen beautician .I am constantly mixing oils,butter etc to make body butter,hair oil,makeup products etc.Its quite fun .it allows me to put what I love in my products and save money doing it.( Blogpost about that coming soon)

When it comes to my hair ,I buy three bags of synthetic curly hair each month.I wear it for four weeks ,take it out, condition and wash my real hair  ,then start all over again.

Its £4.99 for a bag  of hair and I usually buy three bags of hair. And currently wear  curly jet black  hair ,its low maintenance and great for a girl like me on a small budget.

The style I usually wear is crochet braids ,it take me two too three days to put it in ,with rest in between. But the results look lovely, natural looking  and keeps people guessing,as to whether its my real hair or not .And thats the way I like it ,plus all girls need hair, for winter in England. It keeps your head warm lol.

Pictures coming

Tell me what you do ,too  keeping your beauty regime on a budget?

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Thanks for reading.




Longing for Nigeria

I just want to go home to Africa and see my family, it been 23 years since I’ve seen them and whatsapp isn’t enough.As great as it is seeing them in photos, I wish I could hug them in person.As a sick unemployed person with limited resources ,I have not idea where the money is going to come from .Or when the Nigerian embassy will be able to process Nigerian passports without long waiting times or embassy stealing your money and not processing your passport application at all. Its really a piss take ,I prayer for the day when Nigeria improves ,starts valuing life or breaks up for good.Long live the Biafra ,long live Efik/Ibibio.

Cross River State


Hey people its a new year .I have lots of different hopes and dreams for the new year.The first thing I want to get this year is a pink fur coat from M& Spink coat Its just the type of coat the inner diva in me would wear.It would look great in skinny jeans and some of the dresses I have in my wardrobe .I hope I can afford it before the sale finishes.I think I will have too switch, to driving my car ,as riding around in a pink fur coat in wet Manchester will have be looking a wet messy lol.

Tell me whats on your wishlist for the new year?