Beauty on the Dole

As you know I am unemployed and too sick too work ,due too fibroids .But the Iast time I worked was 2012 .And its been so hard being broke.

One thing that is so annoying, is you cant afford to go out with your friends , you cant afford to get your hair or your nails done at the salon. Theres also endless amount of things you can’t afford but one thing that being broke as taught me ,is to do my own hair and nails.Its taught me too take the time to pamper myself and turn me into a kitchen beautician .I am constantly mixing oils,butter etc to make body butter,hair oil,makeup products etc.Its quite fun .it allows me to put what I love in my products and save money doing it.( Blogpost about that coming soon)

When it comes to my hair ,I buy three bags of synthetic curly hair each month.I wear it for four weeks ,take it out, condition and wash my real hair  ,then start all over again.

Its £4.99 for a bag  of hair and I usually buy three bags of hair. And currently wear  curly jet black  hair ,its low maintenance and great for a girl like me on a small budget.

The style I usually wear is crochet braids ,it take me two too three days to put it in ,with rest in between. But the results look lovely, natural looking  and keeps people guessing,as to whether its my real hair or not .And thats the way I like it ,plus all girls need hair, for winter in England. It keeps your head warm lol.

Pictures coming

Tell me what you do ,too  keeping your beauty regime on a budget?

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