Things I wish I never brought

lashesFur coat2Hey folks its a new year and I would like reinvent myself, by glamouring up my look.So I brought myself a leopard print fur coat and some human hair red cherry lashes ,to give me that million dollar look.But unfortunately  folks I hate the products I brought for different reasons.

The first thing is the Red Cherry Lashes look great in pictures but they look jacked up and dont feel like human hair when you get them.I have no idea if there are fake since I got them from ebay but they look really bad .I wont both returning them as they were only 99p.They came from Hong Kong and took five weeks to come,they were a waste of money .Fake tears people.

The second thing was a lovely fake leopard fur coat from the Studio24, unfortunately the sleeves are to short and the coat is really a jacket .Its only underlined and has no padding in it to keep you warm.I wanted to wear it as a coat ,but its going to have to be a light jacket.It looks lovely but its a waste of money. Lol


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