Wish list Stella Mc Cartney Faux fur coat

I was windowing shopping through Selfridges and saw this lovely Peach faux fur coat from Stella McCartney .Its so lovely and soft to touch ,if only I had the money to buy it.It comes in White and Peach , who says Faux fur doesn’t look and feel fabulous.fur whitenude coat


Rest in peace dad much love nne.

My dad was a wife beater and womanizer,deadbeat dad but I still love him.I love my dad so much but hes gone. My heart broken to heard the news.I was going to Nigeria this year to look after him but I didn’t have a Nigerian passport and didn’t have enough money.So he died, I tried to phone but he refused to answer or changed hes number.My dad hid away from hes family and let hes mistakes define him,that something I do a lot.I have to stop as life is too short.I must cease the day and live in the moment.

Dad you taught me a beautiful lesson to F the haters and do me.See you on the other side one day .Love your Daughter Nneeyen Unim .12711274_1690248067913188_2556157245275688143_o


New hair for the new year.

Its a new year and time for a new me. So I’m getting box braids next month, as I am getting fed up of crochet braids and the wild curls hair.

I’ve decided to do me and go blonde. I’ve seen some beautiful brown skin women with natural blonde hair from various places around the world from the Congo ,Cape Vera to Papua New Guinea .And its given me the confidence , to explore different shades of blonde. I’ve decided on a hair extensions in a beautiful shade of platinum blonde .Its Kanekalon hair ,which is super long and made in Nigeria .Its only £2.49 a pack and I think ,I will need about six bags of hair.Can’t wait to go Blonde, lets see if Blonde  have more fun.What type of hair colour or hairstyle would you love to go but scary to do?

Here’s Gloria Eze Chude Beautiful Blonde Box Braids

blonde hair xpress

Here’s some pictures  of naturally blonde brown skin people , all over the world.

blondee afrr
Naturally Blonde Afro Hair
natural blonde aafro
Naturallly Blonde West African Kids.