Rest in peace dad much love nne.

My dad was a wife beater and womanizer,deadbeat dad but I still love him.I love my dad so much but hes gone. My heart broken to heard the news.I was going to Nigeria this year to look after him but I didn’t have a Nigerian passport and didn’t have enough money.So he died, I tried to phone but he refused to answer or changed hes number.My dad hid away from hes family and let hes mistakes define him,that something I do a lot.I have to stop as life is too short.I must cease the day and live in the moment.

Dad you taught me a beautiful lesson to F the haters and do me.See you on the other side one day .Love your Daughter Nnegin Unim .12711274_1690248067913188_2556157245275688143_o



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