Crochet Braids update

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Its the Easter holidays and I am spending all weekend doing my crochet braids.I  am getting fed up, of doing my hair but its so cheap to do my own hair.And at least I can make sure ,that I still have the hair on my head.The hair I’m using is  Urban spiral hair in colour 1 with dark silver and silver highlights. I will do a post when I have finished the hair lol



Art supplies

IMG_20160324_202956I went shopping at WH Smith last week with my NUS card .I brought coloured pencils ,graded pencils from Pound world. Paintbrushes from The Works.I am dead pleased with what I brought. The only thing I want is a big apartment or a little workshop studio to do my work .As my apartment is so small and I am struggling to find things and to work in this place .As I haven’t brought and real furniture due to needing to save up to buy laminate flooring.And I don’t want to pack stuff into my flat and then have to move it again,when its time to lay the new flooring lol.

Twin African Canerow protective Style

Protective styling is the key for 4a/b hair like mine.I usually wear crochet braids with Aftress Wave bulk. But I wanted a quick style that would protect my natural curly hair for the week.So I decided on twin African overhead canerows ( falsely name Dutch braid  e.g colonialism at its best) .I added some more hair too at the end too.I pressed my hair also.I was trying to feed in the added hair with no luck ,so just added it to the ends .It looks lovely but its just to damn cold for this hair style .Its 7 c in England ,back to crochet braids by the end of next week. Picture 57