Thai Green Curry with Pasta & Chickpeas


Hey folks in times of austerity I’ve had  to reduce my intake of meat .As the cost of meat was to much for my weekly budget. This week I made Thai Green curry with pasta.I did cheat a bit as the Thai green curry was a Sainsburys tin soup version .But its still Thai Green curry.

First I chopped some broccoli and asparagus ,cooked it.Then added half a tin of Chickpeas. Then I put half a tin of Sainsburys Thai Green Curry with one whole Know vegetable stock cube.I then put some Hakkai Green Chill Sauce in.Cooked it for 4 mintues on a medium heat and Bobs your uncle ,the sauce was ready. Its was really beauty and tasty.I paired it with Linguine pasta .I would definitely recommended both products,especially if your looking for cheap tasty food on a budget. Please comment below and share on social media.




Is Youtube exploiting small bloggers

YouTube is one of my favourite things to do.I’ve been on YouTube for seven years and put a lot of time of money into it.But it doesn’t pay off.

I don’t have a huge budget to get expensive cameras ,lighting and other equipment being fame on internet b like establish business like Vogue or Chanel but I like to put my story across.And I love meeting people around the world via Youtube.But its starting to feel like exploitation.The Google check it pathetic. Its seem like I put the work in and get hardly anything in return ,Youtube just tell me to do better.

Its funny really as I’m not the only one complaining about how little YouTuber pays its contender creates.

Here’s a article on Fusion talking about YOUTUBER not being able to pay there food bill but still having huge subscribers based in the 200,000s.


Heres another article where music industry and artist are complaining about how little YouTube for music created by artists.

YouTube ripping of the music industry

Because of all this ,I’ve decided to only post a video one a week now. Blogging is much more fun and I can update a lot more.I made a quick video highlighting my complains too. Please like the video and show it some love .Please tell me if you think YouTube is exploiting small vlogger but offering little in return.Please share on social media .Elizabeth,,

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Complaining about Cycle Lanes in Manchester.

Here’s the pathetic excuse Manchester City Council give me for closing the cycle lane.

Dear Miss Okpo

Thank you for contacting Contact Manchester.The details have been logged on our system

Due to financial constraints, for the foreseeable future all
highway-related funding will be directed towards maintenance of the
network. Due to this we are unable to consider new requests for highway
improvement schemes unless an alternative source of funding has been

Unfortunately, due to limited resources we are unable to investigate this
issue further. If the issue relates to an accident we can advise that
accident data is reviewed by both the Council and the Police to determine
whether additional safety measures are required – this is reviewed on a
regular basis.

The reported problem and location will be logged and entered into a
database highlighting reported issues across the city. If funds are
available then the enquiry and enquiries made by other residents will be
assessed, however, it is very unlikely that funds will be available –
particularly in the short term.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further enquiries.


Contact Manchester
Manchester City Council

The letter I sent to the council via there website is below
Dear Manchester Council
 You have closed the cycle path again on Medlock street , Manchester I fed up of this .I cycle there and have nowhere to cycle .Its was closed a few weeks ago and now its closed again. You have also closed lower Mosley Street to cyclists ,you closed the cycle lane ,made
it damm right dangerous.That road was one of the safe ways into the city
centre as theres a cycle path on Princess road from Hulme which is
segregated , which leaders to Medlock st .
Your causing cyclists to be put in dangerous situation and you have a sign saying providing world class transport .World class transport includes cyclists .This is
disgusting ,cyclists have a right to use the cycle path and not have the
tram dominate the road as well as cars.Q2 That would you like the outcome of the complaint to be?
My reply
Stop closing segregated cycle path ,stop closing cycle path for cars ,bus and trams.
stop treating cyclists likes second class citizen .As well as claiming to
encourage cycling in Greater Manchester





Brown Skin Britain troubles.

Being a Cocoa Brown skin girl in a vanilla world like Britain is full of trials and frustration.. Hunting for makeup foundations for my Brown skin, is a bit of a nightmare because mainstream cosmetic companies in United Kingdom , rarely cater for brown skin chicks or only have two/three shades on offer.Even though there 24 shades of brown in Sub Sahara  Africa.But there be about 10 shades of foundation for Caucasian Women on the British high street ,even though brown skin people come in more shades. We’re invisible most of the time here.



If by some miracle we’re catered for.The foundation will be red based and make us brown skin girls, glow bright orange.

Sleek Makeup which is a British drugstore makeup brand, has been catering for black women and Asian women for about twenty years .It has changed its target market.And now caters for white women and is now available in mainstream shops .When it was only even available in Black  or Asian beauty supplies , you can now get it in Superdrug or boots.

Its makeover including getting rid of black women modeling the products unless your Halle Berry colour.Its now full of  cream to powder foundation,in the mistake believe  that brown skin chicks only have oily to normal skin.

Been a Coco Brown girl living a vanilla world is hard boo. Its so damm trying on the soul. Being constantly reminder that your a minority.Even though in a global terms were the majority, my fellow Nigerians will out strip USA my 2040 ,so people better get use too, shades of brown.That includes beauty industry hello.
.Us brown folk stretch from Africa to Asia to Australia, America.We ain’t no minority.But I admit the average brown skin person ain’t trying to come and leave in the cold on a small island called Britain.

I didn’t have a choice to be born in Britain I was born and raised here.Its all I really now.But when I get my shit together I am heading for a warm climate. Having to constantly hunt for makeup that fits my skin tone is getting on my last nerve.I’ve take to mixing my own beautiful beauty products.New post coming soon.Since my dad died I will have to fly to Naija to see my FAM and pick up some Shea butter , coco butter and god knows what else.You never know I might end up starting a new beauty line.I make no apologies for being a Brown skin  Britain .Uk beauty industry needs to wakeup too the fact that brownskin britain are here and staying.I drugstore brown skin makeup review coming in the future ,watch this space.Please comment and share on social media

Infecto Hair conditioner Review


Co washing is what I do most of the time.I only wash my hair three times a year with shampoo ,as most shampoos dry my hair out.I came around this conditioner in Bodycare and decided to try it out for co washing. I must say I am impressed .Its lovely, thick but creamy and runny at the same time.It washes my hair beautiful ,while still conditioning it.Plus its super cheap at only £1.50. Its readily available too and great for my afro curly hair.Give it a try if you want a co wash conditioner on the cheap

Love why don’t you use the cycle path

Love why don’t you use the cycle path? Is the question I get ask a lot by fellow car drivers and pedestrians . The answer to the question ,is sometimes I do. But if I have to share the cycle path with Double Decker buses and a lot of traffic or fast cars. I’m on the pavement as I value my life .And common sense has taught me you can’t trust motorists, to give a cyclist enough space on the road or to slow down.


This inadäquate cycling path in Manchester is just a bit of paint on the road. It doesn’t stop cars or buses driving into it . It offers no protection to the cyclist even though this is a main road into the city centre. Theses type of cycle paths are usually too narrow, not observed by motor traffic and they don’t slow down motor vehicles even.

You use them at your peril or say a pray before you go out .As the safety of the cyclist on this busy road is give no thought at all.

This week riding from Hulme into Manchester City Centre .The painted cycle path , had been closed again for the millionth time , over the last couple of months.Due to building work across the road.

I was feeling brave and I thought I would chance it .Only to be met with a Cyclists dismount sign again,which is one of the favourite phrases of the highway engineering profession. This time the sign read Cycle Lane closed sign .Arrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhh.I was piss off.I felt like stealing the sign or putting graffiti on building site across the road.With this message

We cyclists are traffic ,you are meant to design a road which us cyclist can use the safely, not just for motor traffic.And when you build a new building your meant to keep the cycle path open.

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Fashion illustrations

Hi people as I’m studying graphic design .One of the things I want too learn how to do is paint .I love drawing and always have .But I haven’t learnt to paint.So that’s one of my goals for the present ,to paint untill my heart content.I am currently sewing a pink puff dress ,so I ‘ve been drawing and painting the image .I just want it to look like one of those Cinderella dresses .What makes you think I’m going to the ball and Prince Charming coming to pick me up , in a white horse carriage lol .I have piles of chiffon and lace in pink that are going to make a beautiful dress.Please share your goals for the present and please share this post on social media



Watercolour fashion illustration


Fashion illustations


Water colour illustations