Broken arse student

Its official my arse is to broke to be studying art.I broken various cheap crayons and paintings .Some work better then others.I brought a set of oil pastel years ago called boldmere from The works .They lovely and vibrant colours but there not blending at all.I think I will have to donate them to my niece and nephew who are five and one. They will appreciate them more and get more use out of them.I have brought English cheap pastels and crayons and German brand ones.And the German brand one even if cheap are easily to use and blend with.Maybe that’s why Germany dominate the EU .They make excellent stuff.I will review my German brand water colours crayon in the future .




The other thing I brought was watercolor pencils from poundworld.These were pretty shit.There only blendable if you dip them in water. You can’t paint it on paper get a strong colour pay off.Then use your brush.Waste of money.They not even great for kids.But I will still give it to my niece and nephew ,there to young to know there anything wrong with the pencils lol


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