Love why don’t you use the cycle path

Love why don’t you use the cycle path? Is the question I get ask a lot by fellow car drivers and pedestrians . The answer to the question ,is sometimes I do. But if I have to share the cycle path with Double Decker buses and a lot of traffic or fast cars. I’m on the pavement as I value my life .And common sense has taught me you can’t trust motorists, to give a cyclist enough space on the road or to slow down.


This inadäquate cycling path in Manchester is just a bit of paint on the road. It doesn’t stop cars or buses driving into it . It offers no protection to the cyclist even though this is a main road into the city centre. Theses type of cycle paths are usually too narrow, not observed by motor traffic and they don’t slow down motor vehicles even.

You use them at your peril or say a pray before you go out .As the safety of the cyclist on this busy road is give no thought at all.

This week riding from Hulme into Manchester City Centre .The painted cycle path , had been closed again for the millionth time , over the last couple of months.Due to building work across the road.

I was feeling brave and I thought I would chance it .Only to be met with a Cyclists dismount sign again,which is one of the favourite phrases of the highway engineering profession. This time the sign read Cycle Lane closed sign .Arrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhh.I was piss off.I felt like stealing the sign or putting graffiti on building site across the road.With this message

We cyclists are traffic ,you are meant to design a road which us cyclist can use the safely, not just for motor traffic.And when you build a new building your meant to keep the cycle path open.

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