Brown Skin Britain troubles.

Being a Cocoa Brown skin girl in a vanilla world like Britain is full of trials and frustration.. Hunting for makeup foundations for my Brown skin, is a bit of a nightmare because mainstream cosmetic companies in United Kingdom , rarely cater for brown skin chicks or only have two/three shades on offer.Even though there 24 shades of brown in Sub Sahara  Africa.But there be about 10 shades of foundation for Caucasian Women on the British high street ,even though brown skin people come in more shades. We’re invisible most of the time here.



If by some miracle we’re catered for.The foundation will be red based and make us brown skin girls, glow bright orange.

Sleek Makeup which is a British drugstore makeup brand, has been catering for black women and Asian women for about twenty years .It has changed its target market.And now caters for white women and is now available in mainstream shops .When it was only even available in Black  or Asian beauty supplies , you can now get it in Superdrug or boots.

Its makeover including getting rid of black women modeling the products unless your Halle Berry colour.Its now full of  cream to powder foundation,in the mistake believe  that brown skin chicks only have oily to normal skin.

Been a Coco Brown girl living a vanilla world is hard boo. Its so damm trying on the soul. Being constantly reminder that your a minority.Even though in a global terms were the majority, my fellow Nigerians will out strip USA my 2040 ,so people better get use too, shades of brown.That includes beauty industry hello.
.Us brown folk stretch from Africa to Asia to Australia, America.We ain’t no minority.But I admit the average brown skin person ain’t trying to come and leave in the cold on a small island called Britain.

I didn’t have a choice to be born in Britain I was born and raised here.Its all I really now.But when I get my shit together I am heading for a warm climate. Having to constantly hunt for makeup that fits my skin tone is getting on my last nerve.I’ve take to mixing my own beautiful beauty products.New post coming soon.Since my dad died I will have to fly to Naija to see my FAM and pick up some Shea butter , coco butter and god knows what else.You never know I might end up starting a new beauty line.I make no apologies for being a Brown skin  Britain .Uk beauty industry needs to wakeup too the fact that brownskin britain are here and staying.I drugstore brown skin makeup review coming in the future ,watch this space.Please comment and share on social media


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