Complaining about Cycle Lanes in Manchester.

Here’s the pathetic excuse Manchester City Council give me for closing the cycle lane.

Dear Miss Okpo

Thank you for contacting Contact Manchester.The details have been logged on our system

Due to financial constraints, for the foreseeable future all
highway-related funding will be directed towards maintenance of the
network. Due to this we are unable to consider new requests for highway
improvement schemes unless an alternative source of funding has been

Unfortunately, due to limited resources we are unable to investigate this
issue further. If the issue relates to an accident we can advise that
accident data is reviewed by both the Council and the Police to determine
whether additional safety measures are required – this is reviewed on a
regular basis.

The reported problem and location will be logged and entered into a
database highlighting reported issues across the city. If funds are
available then the enquiry and enquiries made by other residents will be
assessed, however, it is very unlikely that funds will be available –
particularly in the short term.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further enquiries.


Contact Manchester
Manchester City Council

The letter I sent to the council via there website is below
Dear Manchester Council
 You have closed the cycle path again on Medlock street , Manchester I fed up of this .I cycle there and have nowhere to cycle .Its was closed a few weeks ago and now its closed again. You have also closed lower Mosley Street to cyclists ,you closed the cycle lane ,made
it damm right dangerous.That road was one of the safe ways into the city
centre as theres a cycle path on Princess road from Hulme which is
segregated , which leaders to Medlock st .
Your causing cyclists to be put in dangerous situation and you have a sign saying providing world class transport .World class transport includes cyclists .This is
disgusting ,cyclists have a right to use the cycle path and not have the
tram dominate the road as well as cars.Q2 That would you like the outcome of the complaint to be?
My reply
Stop closing segregated cycle path ,stop closing cycle path for cars ,bus and trams.
stop treating cyclists likes second class citizen .As well as claiming to
encourage cycling in Greater Manchester






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