Is Youtube exploiting small bloggers

YouTube is one of my favourite things to do.I’ve been on YouTube for seven years and put a lot of time of money into it.But it doesn’t pay off.

I don’t have a huge budget to get expensive cameras ,lighting and other equipment being fame on internet b like establish business like Vogue or Chanel but I like to put my story across.And I love meeting people around the world via Youtube.But its starting to feel like exploitation.The Google check it pathetic. Its seem like I put the work in and get hardly anything in return ,Youtube just tell me to do better.

Its funny really as I’m not the only one complaining about how little YouTuber pays its contender creates.

Here’s a article on Fusion talking about YOUTUBER not being able to pay there food bill but still having huge subscribers based in the 200,000s.


Heres another article where music industry and artist are complaining about how little YouTube for music created by artists.

YouTube ripping of the music industry

Because of all this ,I’ve decided to only post a video one a week now. Blogging is much more fun and I can update a lot more.I made a quick video highlighting my complains too. Please like the video and show it some love .Please tell me if you think YouTube is exploiting small vlogger but offering little in return.Please share on social media .Elizabeth,,

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