Raleigh Sprint Bicycle Review

Hey folks while wandering around town  window shopping.I came across a great new bicycle shop called Cycle Republic .Its a lovely little shop ,that has alot of different bicycles. And they have bicycles that cater for women too.There is a lovely section of classic roadster bikes. I spotted this lovely Red Raleigh Sprint Bicycle. And had a quick test drive of it and fell in love with it.It comes in three sizes 17,19,21 and reminds me of my Oma Dutch bike ,if your in Manchester city centre check the shop out .Cycle Republic is owned by Halford brand.



Graffiti Art in Dusseldorf

Hi people as you know I love all forms of art and heres some Graffiti Art from Dusseldorf Germany from 2014IMG_0101.JPGIMG_0103.JPGIMG_0104.JPGIMG_0105.JPGIMG_0106.JPGIMG_0102.JPG