Bicycle Helmet discriminate against Big Curly hair

Its official people racism is back in fashion and discrimination  against people with curly Afro hair is being brought in via the backdoor.

This week I went to Manchester cycle forum to hear about the plans for improving cycling infrastructure in Manchester .Only to be meant with bigotry,sexism and racist propaganda by a company called Bike right and TfGM.

BikeRight and TfGM have a policy of forcing children to wear helmets on there bike training course funded by TfGM and national government. Even though helmet wearing isn’t mandatory in the United Kingdom

I pointed out ,to TfGM and BikeRight that helmet wearing would discriminate against people with curly hair ,people who like to wear ponytails, deadlocks, updos and people with lamb wool hair ( 4a to 4c hair type brown folk).Plus people who have big heads and folks who just on principles don’t like wearing Bicycle Helmets.

And I was ignored .I was told that no children have even refuse to put a helmet on.And that discrimination didn’t matter.

nmoi campbell

The guy from BikeRight was a bigot,sexism and clearing suffering from institutional racism .As well as Rachel Scott from TfGM. They failed to see that Government’s cycling and walking strategy 2015 includes promoting cycling within ethnicity minorities and to increasing there participation .But couldn’t work out that, curly haired people especially brown people of African descent have a lot of curly hair folk.And a policy of forcing brown skin  curly haired people to put a helmet on. Would reduce there participation in cycling. Even though there meant to be promoting it.It would also reduce anyone with some big arse hair too.As big arse curly hair comes in all races.

If my five year old niece goes in to school ,in a big arse afro puff and some teachers or bike right instructor try squashing her hair into a helmet .I’m going to be piss off.I will be screaming blue murder .Us curly haired people shouldn’t be ashamed of our curls or have to fit into a straight hair world.Just try get Bob Marley size deadlocks into a bike helmet ,if you think there no problem.


I will have to write to TfGM ,Dept of Transport , MP and talk to my fellow curly hair people about organising a protest about this subject.Helmet law is being brought in via stealth. Pump your fist if your down with human rights for curly haired people,people with deadlocks ,jew fros ,ponytail wears, big heads to big for helmet.

keri russell

Fuck the Helmets law being brought in via stealth.

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Bike Right  Liz Clarke email to my twitter conversations

Dear Elizabeth,

I have seen your comments on Twitter today and ask you to retract the comments that are factually incorrect.
a. BIkeRight! is not run by men.
b. BikeRight! is not paid by the car industry or the insurance industry.
c. BIkeRight! is not run for men.

For your information –
BikeRight! is a female owned company that was started by two mothers. Myself and Jo Somerset.
70% of our trainees are women and 50% of child trainees are girls.

Please remove your defamatory comments from Twitter.
I am currently on holiday – you can contact after 12th July if you want to speak to me personally but I do not appreciate slurs about my company on social media.


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Please excuse any typos or grammatical errors.

Liz Clarke
Managing Director