Sewing a summer playsuit

Its Summer folks and since I’m losing weight .I need to sew some new clothes ,as quite a few of my clothes are too big now.As I was looking through my fabric box .I found a lovely piece of floral viscose fabric, that I was meant to sew ages ago.So I decided to start sewing it now.I haven’t decided what style of playsuit to sew but so far it looks lovely .I’ve used my pyjama shorts to use as a template for the playsuit bottoms.I just mark out the pattern on the fabric ,pinned the shorts to the fabric and the mark it on on hard paper to use for future patterns.

Playsuit Pattern


Floral Viscose Fabric

Then I just cut,the pattern out leaving a 1 inch seam allowance.When I did it again as you need four pieces ,two from the back and two for the front.

I then just pinned,  where I wanted the pleat to be on all four pieces.

Floral Viscose 

I then just sewing all the pieces together .I use my old Joy sewing machine to sew it.As my playsuit  fabric is very light and its doesnt need my Heavy duty Singer sewing Machine.

Joy  Sewing Machine

I did a straight stitch, to join the fabric and a zig zac stitch to stop the fabric unraveling.

Zig Zac Sewing 

I then had to stop as my sewing machine started tangling the thread ,which mean it needs oiling .I will go back to it later on another day, when the machine cooler down and has been oiled and had a quick dust down..Please comment and share on social media




Summers here folks and I love wearing playsuit, as the allow me to cycle without worrying that my knickers are on show.Today I went to H & M and saw some lovely playsuits. But as usually there weren’t many in my size, as the sizes run small.So I’ve decided to sew my own playsuits. Here some of the H & M have available .

playsuit 1     playsuit 2    playsuit 3


playsuit 4       playsuit 5


And here’s some of the styles ,that I will be sewing for myself over the next couple of months.I’ll be sewing the playsuit in viscose or cotton.Its just a pity Manchester doesnt have many sunny days ,so I can wear more of my summer outfits.

The first playsuit has elastic off the shoulder neck lie and elastic waist.Second playsuit has no sleeves and elasticc waist. Third playsuit has elastic boobtop and elastic waist.Fourth playsuit has a elastic neckline ,with elastic sleeve cuffs and elastic waist. The last one has no sleeves , v neckline and elastic waist

Beautiful John Lewis Floral print .Hopefully I will have enough fabric for the playsuit. It was expensive at £12 a metre but I lovely the fabric as its lovely and soft fabric.

Primark & Deichmann Shoes Haul

This month I’ve been in desperate need of some new shoes for summer and to cycle in .But on a small budget ,my choices of shops were limited .Primark and Deichmann are one of my favourite shops for shopping for shoes on my teeny weeny budget.One of my favourite style of shoes is a canvas pump .I have had them in many colours over the years .From Hot Pink ,Yellow , Denim Blue ,Grey and there by far one of the most comfortable shoes to cycle in. The ones I brought this time were Denim Blue for £4.00 in a size 8 (42) from Primark.


The next pair of shoes I brought ,were Army Green Wellington boots .As I love rolling around in the countryside ,cycling through forest trails and muddy paths .

I enjoy the tranquility of the forest ,so I definitely need a pair of wellies ,as I was fed up of getting my normal shoes wet. There’s a bit big and I need to wear thick shoes or two pairs, to keep them on my feet .But they look lovely and keep my feet dry .As well as giving the festival look .There’s also nice , short in length and are easy to cycle in.There were a bargain at £10 .Can’t complain.


The last pair of shoes I brought was a burgundy canvas shoes .They look like a knock of Converse shoes ,but without the expensive price tag.There were only £ 10.00 and I love them. I’ve had this style in grey and hot pink over the years.But as you know the sole of the shoe always goes .I’ve tried having them repaired but its expensive and the new sole always falls off.These shoes are the type you need to by two pairs of, if you love them that much.I hate wasting shoes especially since the fabric of the shoe ,is always in great condition but what can you do.Its the price of fast fashion and a landfill full of shoes that could have been repaired . Thats what happens when you kill manufacturing in the West.

Women Magazines and bashing women bodies.

I love women magazines ,love the feel of the glossy paper in my hand .I Iove the beautiful pictures taken and love reading real life stories, that inspire me.But some of these mazagines ,that are aim at women and young teen girls are just trash.

They sent dangerous messages to women and vulnerable young women, that they only worth, as much as there dress size.The magazines that I want to call out are Closer,Now.

They constantly talk about the Fuck appeal of women celebrities.Most of there magazines are about what women weight.
Closer ,Now constantly have pictures of women celebrities, who have lose weight and gain it .Like its news.
And a lot of there articles are written by women, shocking.Its like school ground bullying .The in crowd vs the outsiders.
I think to myself .How many of these faceless women would like themselves pasted on a magazine cover in there bikini?
But think its alright to do it to other women .As long as they get a paycheck at the end of the day.Its not really journalism, its just women bullying other women. Its sick and pathetic.
These magazine reduce women to just there dress size,like women have nothing else to offer ,expect whether men think they worth fucking.I expect these women journalists to have qualifications like a degree in journalism but for what they churn out .I’m beginning to question it.

I don’t buy that trash and if your a women who has any self respect and believes in sisterhood and uplifting other women .Don’t buy closer or now .

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Closer Magazine
Closer Magazine

Singer 4411 heavy duty sewing machine

Its official I’m no longer a slave too fashion anymore .I’ve brought the Singer 4411 sewing machine for £137.99 from Amazon.Its a cute machine ,I have been able to sew through several layers of fabric with this sewing machine. I had a polka dot cotton canvas bag that fake leather straps broken off and needed repairing.I manage to attach it ,back too the bag with this sewing machine.And I only use a size 14 needle.One con this this machine is the universal size needle I brought don’t fit this machine.So I will have to buy specific singer size needles.But apart from that its a nice machine.

One of the reason I brought this machine is I’m I’m fed up of having to diet ,to fit into ready made clothes .And want to work with the body god give me.I hope to sew clothes as well as handbags with this machine.And I will do a video review soon.

Watch this space.Picture 79