Women Magazines and bashing women bodies.

I love women magazines ,love the feel of the glossy paper in my hand .I Iove the beautiful pictures taken and love reading real life stories, that inspire me.But some of these mazagines ,that are aim at women and young teen girls are just trash.

They sent dangerous messages to women and vulnerable young women, that they only worth, as much as there dress size.The magazines that I want to call out are Closer,Now.

They constantly talk about the Fuck appeal of women celebrities.Most of there magazines are about what women weight.
Closer ,Now constantly have pictures of women celebrities, who have lose weight and gain it .Like its news.
And a lot of there articles are written by women, shocking.Its like school ground bullying .The in crowd vs the outsiders.
I think to myself .How many of these faceless women would like themselves pasted on a magazine cover in there bikini?
But think its alright to do it to other women .As long as they get a paycheck at the end of the day.Its not really journalism, its just women bullying other women. Its sick and pathetic.
These magazine reduce women to just there dress size,like women have nothing else to offer ,expect whether men think they worth fucking.I expect these women journalists to have qualifications like a degree in journalism but for what they churn out .I’m beginning to question it.

I don’t buy that trash and if your a women who has any self respect and believes in sisterhood and uplifting other women .Don’t buy closer or now .

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Closer Magazine
Closer Magazine


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