Primark & Deichmann Shoes Haul

This month I’ve been in desperate need of some new shoes for summer and to cycle in .But on a small budget ,my choices of shops were limited .Primark and Deichmann are one of my favourite shops for shopping for shoes on my teeny weeny budget.One of my favourite style of shoes is a canvas pump .I have had them in many colours over the years .From Hot Pink ,Yellow , Denim Blue ,Grey and there by far one of the most comfortable shoes to cycle in. The ones I brought this time were Denim Blue for £4.00 in a size 8 (42) from Primark.


The next pair of shoes I brought ,were Army Green Wellington boots .As I love rolling around in the countryside ,cycling through forest trails and muddy paths .

I enjoy the tranquility of the forest ,so I definitely need a pair of wellies ,as I was fed up of getting my normal shoes wet. There’s a bit big and I need to wear thick shoes or two pairs, to keep them on my feet .But they look lovely and keep my feet dry .As well as giving the festival look .There’s also nice , short in length and are easy to cycle in.There were a bargain at £10 .Can’t complain.


The last pair of shoes I brought was a burgundy canvas shoes .They look like a knock of Converse shoes ,but without the expensive price tag.There were only £ 10.00 and I love them. I’ve had this style in grey and hot pink over the years.But as you know the sole of the shoe always goes .I’ve tried having them repaired but its expensive and the new sole always falls off.These shoes are the type you need to by two pairs of, if you love them that much.I hate wasting shoes especially since the fabric of the shoe ,is always in great condition but what can you do.Its the price of fast fashion and a landfill full of shoes that could have been repaired . Thats what happens when you kill manufacturing in the West.


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