Sewing a summer playsuit

Its Summer folks and since I’m losing weight .I need to sew some new clothes ,as quite a few of my clothes are too big now.As I was looking through my fabric box .I found a lovely piece of floral viscose fabric, that I was meant to sew ages ago.So I decided to start sewing it now.I haven’t decided what style of playsuit to sew but so far it looks lovely .I’ve used my pyjama shorts to use as a template for the playsuit bottoms.I just mark out the pattern on the fabric ,pinned the shorts to the fabric and the mark it on on hard paper to use for future patterns.

Playsuit Pattern


Floral Viscose Fabric

Then I just cut,the pattern out leaving a 1 inch seam allowance.When I did it again as you need four pieces ,two from the back and two for the front.

I then just pinned,  where I wanted the pleat to be on all four pieces.

Floral Viscose 

I then just sewing all the pieces together .I use my old Joy sewing machine to sew it.As my playsuit  fabric is very light and its doesnt need my Heavy duty Singer sewing Machine.

Joy  Sewing Machine

I did a straight stitch, to join the fabric and a zig zac stitch to stop the fabric unraveling.

Zig Zac Sewing 

I then had to stop as my sewing machine started tangling the thread ,which mean it needs oiling .I will go back to it later on another day, when the machine cooler down and has been oiled and had a quick dust down..Please comment and share on social media



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