Blonde Box braids for summer

Hey folk I was fed up of crochet braids and big curly hair .And I decided to go blonde.I’ve always wanted to go blonde since TLC days but didnt have the courage but now I’m too old to care  what folks think .Plus I saw natural blonde hair  Africans in Nigeria and the Congo .And realise Blonde hair in Africa seem to be a recessive gene that pops up every once in a while. Without the white man or Asiatic man help. Its truthfully beautiful against dark brown skin. I going to dye it blonde soon but I thought I try it out without first.The braids took a week since I’m having chronic fibroid pain .But it was worth the wait.I just top up the edges every week or two.I’m not great at braiding my own hair but I’m cheaper then the hairdresser lol.Life of a broke mature student

DSCN0475       DSCN0471.JPGDSCN0480DSCN0479




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