The Queen Elizabeth & her Hijab (Headscarf).

The worlds gone mad the Queen Elizabeth  Windsor was spotted wearing  a hijab e.g headscarf covering her hair and neck but no one notices and she didnt even make the daily news.She was left to go about her day.And she wasn’t accused of being a terrorist or converting to lslam. Even worse our Queen got a huge collection of Hijab headscarf check the internet for her collection .Its huge folks


But when your a Muslim women of the brown variety and wear a Hijab e.g Headscarf you can get threaten or accused of being a terrorist nowadays. Like terrorist only look a since way.

The racism and Islamophobia  is clear here and having White skin is a privileges that affords you alot of  comforts that having light brown to dark brown skin doesn’t. Just ask Nadiya from British Bake off about that.


One of the most annoying thing is that Islam didnt invent the Hijab ,it adopted the Hijab.This tradition predates ISLAM.Not that the bias racist right wing media in the west would mention it to its citizens.

Wearing a scarf has been apart of Western culture for a long time but the secular  Religion and the mainstream beauty industry want to throw this tradition a way for difference reasons.Lets see why below .Here’s Italian actress Sophia Loren wearing a Hijab style Headscarf.

peasant-style-headscarf sophia loren

The Mainstream Western beauty industry want to promote, less headscarf wearing to boost sales of  beauty products e.g hair dye. No point promoting hair dye to ladies wearing a scarf.Who would see the new hair colour?

Plus there’s also the hair shampoo and conditioners that also need to be flogged.So allowing Western women to wear the hijab e.g headscarf would effect sales and eat into profits. We can’t have that can we. Islamophobia is great for  boosting sales of hair products.And the million pound beauty industry and fashion industry  has invested  interests in promoting since things as fashionable and others as terribly not fashionable..

If you have any doubts, watch the next shampoo commercial and try to imagine a Hijab or Nijab women or nun advertising the latest shampoo products, that’s going to make your hair silky soft .IT JUST WOULDN’T WORK.

I found wearing a headscarf sometimes so liberating ,its a clear statement that a women isnt her hair.And it gives me a chance to not have to do my hair ,its a great protective hairstyle and it protective from the burning sun in summer time.

I will have to talk about the secular reason for promoting not wearing headscarf another time , this blogpost is getting too long

Just before I go, I just wanted to showcase some lovely Hijab headscarf fashion for folks who prefer not to fall for propaganda

African Headscarf


hijab 1
Polka Dot Hijab
Marylin Monroe 

2 thoughts on “The Queen Elizabeth & her Hijab (Headscarf).

  1. It’s because women in Britain in the 1950s and into the 1960s wearing headscarfs was a common sight. I remember that as a child. However my generation, the baby boomers, didn’t really carry on with the tradition from our mothers. It’s no longer a common sight among women as it once was unless you’re a Muslim. Apart from that there are still a few mature women who wear a headscarf including the Queen.


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