White girl dipped in Chocolate



Bare Minerals recent advert caught my attention because it was a prime example of racism and distorting the image of  women of Africans descent If you know anything about racism aka white supremacy .You know there a hierarchy in the system of racism.

The Fashion beauty industry is know promoting racism by for searching for African women,who have what they call Caucasian features.E.g slender nose and thin lips also light skin. This advert is a prime example of  this.Black model looks like a white girl dipped in chocolate especially when shes place next to this white model.

When you look at the Black women consider beautiful in the modelling industry.This white girl dipped in chocolate look keeps coming up.

What happens to black women in the industry who dont conform to white standards of beauty.There dont get employed as much.And little black girls who dont look like white girl’s dipped in chocolate, feel less beautiful and developed self esteem issues.Hand me the bleaching cream.

Most of the models of African descent in the west conform to the White girl dipped in Chocolate look.Its no less African but it’s only one phenotype that Africans have.Its dangerous to promote one African look over another.Unless your a white supremacist

There many phenotypes to come out of Africa.This convert racism in modeling industry ,promotes the idea if you don’t have thin lips or slender nose that you ain’t beautiful black women.There is a really interesting documentary about white girl dipped in chocolate subject .When a white Caucasian man booker in the model industry says that this is what there looking for in the fashion industry .No wonder models like Iman and Naomi Campbell have come out complaining about racism in the industry.

Checkout the doc below . It’s really sicking the convert racism in the fashion industry.Please comment and share


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