Black , Broke & Depressed.

Black folk in the uk are over represented in the mental health statistics .And I’m sorry to say doctor .You are the problem. You being white middle class , me being brown and poor.Is a huge problem.

You wont be able to help me ,as my problem stems from your racist white supremacy state and your racist British immigration laws that stop my family coming to visit .Or supporting me by moving here..

Your white privilege makes me mad ,you and your white country men emigrate around the world by force. So you could have your family and wider community support.Whether those people of Africa , America , Asia, Australia wanted to see you or wanted you around. You came with your bible in one hand and a gun in another.

And you aint going to extent Black , Asians Britons the same privilege any time soon. Piss take

Its not like we came here with guns .We were born here , the paperwork says were British or  we came here after your German cousins bombed this small island .And Queenie invited the whole of the British colonies to repair this island.

So Doctor I’m depressed as I haven’t seen my African family in 24 years due to your racist white immigration policies .Can you extent me some of the privileges that you white folk get ,if not .I dont want to talk too you.

As I know ignorant racist white folk like you are the problem. I know you have no intention of writing or campaigning to reunite black families in the uk with the families in the former British colonies.Which would support them in the uk and stop them being depressed , in poverty , banged up in prison and locked up in your nut house.

Family life is a privilege that white English Britons get everyday, you seem to forget this

I also know most white Britons have a great fear of varies shades of brown folk and want to keep Britain white ,while saying there not racist. But don’t see the irony in White Americans ,White Africans, White Australians etc etc.

Doctor I know white Britain doesn’t care or see that there racist immigration policies break up black families .So no I don’t want to talk to you ,as you will never fixes these problems ,you just want to talk about them all day long.

As you believe your talking therapy is more important then getting rid of white privilege. You would rather I suffer for being brown in a vanilla world then you.

Doctor white privilege is the problem for us black folk in the uk and worldwide .And your talking therapy is there to make you feel better about white privilege not us.

Black power & Blacklivesmatter


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