Finding a African Husband in the UK

Since I’m pro black ,I want an African husband no African Caribbeans ,no white folk , just Africans .Culturally they would understand me. They wouldn’t moan about having to visit my Nigerian Family twice a year. or complain about are male kids having to be circumcision. They would give me the opportunist to visit Africa for no reason then I want to escape the cold.

Plus they would understand how hard it is to be a coffee brown in a vanilla world. But there’s  one problem I cant afford the racist British fiance visa or the rule which say I have to earn £18000 a year .Since I have long term health problems which means I can’t work .Its a really racist’s rule especially since Britain ruled half the world.

I just don’t want to mate with white people , African Caribbeans or Asians. I want a African guy with coco brown skin like my skin with a big dick ,as I don’t like small penis plus I ‘m not running a charity.

Big is better kiss kiss