Blogging on the go.

I love blogging ,just wish sometimes I would afford better equipment.Instead of the cheapness camera in the store, the cheapness smart phone & cheapness tablet.But it is what it is.  I had to save up for my new phone,as I broken my other phone the Alcatel Popstar broken.

I brought the Alcatel pop 4 which is the upgrade for Popstar, it’s got good screen resolution at 720 x 1280 .A decent twin camera and portable battery charger.And it was in my budget. With theses low end Alcatel you really need portable battery pack as the battery aint great on them.They run out quickly.

pop 4.jpg
Alcatel pop 4

The next thing I brought was a digital camera ,the Sony W830. I need a camera so badly . It’s very light weight ,feels like a toy but I don’t like the fact that it takes Sony camera battery .

Sony W830

But it’s to late now,  I have brought it and opened before I realise that its only takes Sony batteries

.The next thing I brought was two different kinds of selfie sticks .One for a smart phone and one for a portable camera.The camera one was a pound at Poundworld. And the next one was half price at track in bright pink and was 3 pounds.  The only thing I need is a tablet as mini Netbook has a software problem, I can’t work out how to fix it.Its useless and I cant afford to fix it.Best to just replace it.

.Plus I don’t want to pour anymore money into it again.I would really like a Samsung tablet , Levono tablet or a mini iPad.But let’s see if I can afford it.I will have to save as I have many things to buy.Like new flooring for my flat and a new camera lens for my D5100 Nikon.As I don’t have one for it right now. Hard times folks  Tell me what you think is needed for blogging on the go.Please share ad comment .love Betty.


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