Victoria’s Secrets Fashion 2016 & Twa.

Hey folks I love a good fashion show and am always strutting around my flat in my heels doing then Naomi Campbell.So this season ,it was lovely to see more diversity on the catwalk. This year Victoria Secret broken with the long hair don’t care tradition and put three black  models ,who all had TWA ( Teeny weeny Afro’s) in there show. The models were  Maria Borges , Jourdana Phillips and Herieth Paul.Its so nice to see short afro hair celebrate, as well as the many shades of black women. Its rare these’s days to see a black women in the media without a long straight weave portrayed as beautiful

All those little girls who have short afro hair need to know that there beautiful with TWA too.Well done to Victoria Secret’s for showing this and the brave models who put two fingers up to wearing a weave.Just wish I could find the show on English TV.

Maria Borges



Some other Black models ,thank god there more black women on the catwalk this year.

2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Paris - Hair & Makeup

Leomie Anderson & Maria Borges Black Girls Killing It.

l and m.jpg



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