Franca Sozzani


Franca Sozzani was the editor of a high end western fashion magazine called Vogue IT, its target market from its beginning was rich white upper class women with a disposable income.But now its brought by fashion loving girls on a council estate like me. Unfortunately this holiday season, Franca Sozzani passed .

One of the reasons why I’m writing about her,is she is one of the only white women from a privilege background that took a risk .When it comes to mainstream magazines targeted at white western women.

She took a stand and created Vogue Black years ago, after the western fashion industry was criticised for repeatedly only showing one type of beauty e.g thin white women.And ignoring women of colour especially black women.

Vogue Black is a part of Vogue It where you see fashion from a Black western perspective ,as well as sometimes talking about issues like politics .Its a really interesting read and amazing since I don’t think Italy has a huge black population compare to Brazil,USA and Britain.Where the population runs into the millions.

Franca faced heavy criticism from the western fashion industry for her new approach  but she stuck too her guns.And I salute her for it. As its not easy swimming against the tide especially when money is involved .And your livelihood,as well as the people you employ lives are at stake too.

Franca also created Vogue Curvy.Vogue Curvy is a lovely part of the Vogue It. Where you can find ,more diverse images of women. It shows,not just stick thin white women ,you can see curvy women too.Its such a change from the normal. Franca really tried too do something different ,its a shame that British Editor Alexandra Shulman and American Anna Wintour don’t take a leap from Franca book.

Franca risked losing advertising revenue (which keeps the magazine in print and pays the staff plus print bill ) .By having enough faith ,in portraying that women come in all colours ,shapes and sizes.And that its all beautiful and should be clebrated.Its a risk that other Vogue editions in USA, France , Britain  refuse to take.So you know its a brave editorial decision.

Lastly one of the great things about Vogue Black/Curvy is its in English too as well as Italian.Thats great as I don’t read or speak Italian.Thanks Franca your effort is appreciated

I think it shows you just how much racism is ingrain in the elite world of fashion in the west.Hopefully bloggers and YouTuber can change that .Please comment , subscribe and share on social media.


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