The Chanel Jacket

The Chanel Jacket is icon it ,design by Coco Mademoiselle herself.But for me it’s just dam annoying.Over the last few years I’ve watched Chanel  fashion show on YouTube .As it’s beautifully film , has amazing imaginative locations and lovely classic music.But one thing that’s getting on my nerves , is that god damm tweed jacket.Its like De Vu every fashion show.Its just getting annoying now.Its needs to be consign to the dustbin or at least the fashion museum .All this holding onto the past like Coco was a god or something.Is just to much.


Its like there never change the design, the tweed is nice but I hate the style of jacket.

Folk let me what you think ,is it time to consign this jacket to the bin ?

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Also do check out Chanel YouTube Channel ,it’s a lovely channel for fashionista like me.



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