Body Positive

Being Body positive is so hard in the west. Women are define by there beauty here ,many people especially men wont listen to a women unless is pretty. I have struggle with my body image over the years.I have gain three stone over the years since I was 18 and I aint happy with itiskra-lawrence-634703 years .kim-body

But seeing women like Kim Kardashian and Iskra Lawrence has slowly increase my confidence.I’m trying not to focus on my physical appearance but its damm hard when you go too the shops and can’t fit into an Outfit.


Or you have a wardrobe full of clothes that don’t fit.I currently have four sizes in my wardrobe from size 12 ,14 ,16 ,18.Its depressing

This is when I ‘m doing a pattern cutting class, to learn how to make clothes that truthfully fit me .

I cant wait until the day a women isn’t define by her beauty or dress size.



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