Fake nails by Bodycare

I am a firm believer in faking it until you make it beauty wise.I buy fake hair,fake lashes, fake nails etc.And one thing I love the look of is fake nails. Especially since there cheap and come in a ray of colours.

I came across a cheap packet from Bodycare for£1.50.There French Manicure with a bit of a baby pink tint too them and there lovely.



To put them on.I filed my nail bed down a bit to make my nail bed rough, so the glue has something to bond too.And I put them on a night so the glue has time to dry.I would personally say, try buying another set of glue.As the glue that comes in the package isn’t that great and one or two of the nails have popped off and I have lost them when I have been out and about.

There 24 in packet and there called Body Collection 24 Pink French pearl,there a bargain folks.They look super elegant and classy.



There’s also a lot cheaper then gel nails at the salon especially when your a job seeker like me.On a teeny weeny budget of £73.00 week to live on.

Just because your unemployed doesn’t meant you shouldn’t take care of yourself.

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