Riding a bike is only for the brave !

Riding a bike in Manchester is a nightmare, you have to fight for a space everyday.The cycling policy in England is a terrible one. Several governments over the decades have ignored the needs of cyclists and have done there best, to make the bike go the way of the horse and cart.

The culture on the roads in England is a fast paced culture ,very aggressive and.everyone is in a rush .And no one cares for the slower road users like bicycles.Its a truthfully scary experience.I hate riding my bike on there road here, as I’m scared of being knocked over.A cyclist is rarely give enough room on the road and motorists drive to close and to fast to a bicycle user. Below is an example of no room being left for me to cycle through in Manchester city centre. This regularly happens daily to me.

Manchester City Centre gridlock roads

I have no idea if the car industry has a huge lobbying group in UK Parliament but the roads are exclusively design around motor traffic.Unless you live in the student area and there will be some cycle paths there .But lets face it most of the UK population cant live in a student area.

You have to be very brave and have nerves of steel to cycle in the Uk .I love cycling in general and regularly ignore the law that says cycling on the pavement is illegal.As the road is so dangerous.Plus the police never in force the law as they know the UK roads are dangerous.

We cyclists have been designed off the road here.We aint seen as valid form of transport and car drivers ,buses and van rivers regularly try and run you off the road. I moved in 2011 to Netherlands just to ride my bike in peace .And miss it a lot.

I hope things will change but change comes slow in the UK.

When I compare cycling in Germany to here its so much better in Germany .There women are classic and dress fashionable when riding a bike.Theres rarely Lycra in sight .Plus the road infrastructure well better.

Below is a German lady cycling in a leather jacket with her leather handbag in a basket at the back of the bike.Looking Uber fashionable.Its in a city called Mönchengladbach. It would be weird to see a women dress like that in Manchester on a bike with are terrible bicycle infrastructure .She looks amazing chic.

german girl 2.jpg
Cycle Chic German Lady cycling


german 3.jpg
German Lady cycling 

When is Greater Manchester going to get its act together cycling wise? We are well behind the Dutch ,Danish ,Swedish and Germans when it comes to integrating bikes into the transport system.

In Germany they also have better more comfortable bicycles which are a lot cheaper then here to buy.And come in a ray of colours and different sizes too.Here’s a lovely pink grandma bike I spotted in Mönchengladbach .I had to take a quick picture of it.I so wish I had a pink bike like this one.Its a Dutch bicycle. Its called Den Hagg

pink bike german.jpg
Oma fiets ( Grandma Pink Bicycle)

Heres another German Lady riding here bike.

Here’s a pic of me cycling on my dutch bike with my pink tights.Its all about the fashion for me.This is a German cycle path too in a small town in Germany

me 2.jpg
Dutch bike 

No Lycra in sight.I will do more cycle and fashion posts in the future.

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