Women & Career breaks

I have worked about 7 years in total from 17 to 38 years old. And it has dawn on me just how much people look down on the unemployed and women in general.

When I haven’t been working ,I’ve even been studying or looking for work. But I am truthly fed up ,with people asking me what I do when I ain’t working.

I follow my hobbies dumbo for the haters out there,which is blogging ,reading ,sewing, cycling etc.

These fucking feminist get right on my titties.A lot of feminism is just misogyny repacked

Its especially annoying when my work coach and employers ask me what I have been doing when I not been working. Its like people forget, that life still has purpose when your not working.

I am currently off work due to chronic fibroid pain and depression .But I got found fit for work. Even though I am not. My pain is still chronic and the Tramdol makes me sleepy and tired.

I had a male work adviser who wasn’t understanding so I requested a woman instead.As what the fuck does a man know about having a womb or fibroids. Its alot better but still hard. I am currently appealing my decision.

I feel hollow inside as I dont want to work. Its time for me to have a family. You can have a great job but still come home to a empty house. Plus who will look after me in my old age. Not the fucking Department of Work and Pensions.Its time to make a family.I feel like my illness is a sign from God, telling me to slow down and make a family.

I really hope I found a man to make babies with, so I can get off the Department of Work & Pension books .Its just so fucking annoying. I dont have good GCSES ,my grammar and punctuation is rubbish.I tried a English class but couldn’t cope with the three hours on my bun in pain ,on a rock hard chair.The hope of me finding a job is slim.

Its really hard right now.I really just want to piss off to Africa but I need money first.In Africa a women traditional role is valued at lot more .Women traditional roles are devalued in the west.especially Britain.

Women in Britain are meant to be superwomen, have a career, be a great wife and mother .Women who are just unemployed ,mothers or a housewife are fucking looked down on.Its truthly disgusting how these women are treated here.And there hardly anyone fighting for those women’s rights

With my current health problems ,people keep telling me to have a baby and the fibroids will go but I have to find a man first.

Sorry if I haven’t blog for a while life is stressful right now.



8 thoughts on “Women & Career breaks

  1. Aw babe… I don’t actually know what to say but I still felt the need to comment…
    I hope writing this and releasing some of the stress at least made you feel a bit better.
    You just have to stay strong and positive, everything happens for a reason and your good fortune- whatever that may be- will come when the time is right x


  2. Hi, me again.
    I know you wrote this March so I hope things have improved a little for you. I agree with Shiv above as you sound really depressed. You need to get into the spiritual ie, go to Church or take up meditation. I go to Church and meditate as I believe that you MUST have some sort of anchor for you to hold on to. As for the writing, you are blogging and I take it that you enjoy blogging and get some relief out of it so I wouldn’t give up on finding ways to improve your writing and what you write about. For example, as your interest in is natural black hair styles you do more research on it, takes photos of black women who sport such hairstyles (and of course, you get their permission); on racism, as I’m originally from North London, I know very little about the racism in the North so again, you can write/interview people about their experiences etc. I wouldn’t give up on the evening classes, as knowledge is always a good thing.

    As someone who currently lives in ‘Africa’, yes, I’m glad that I did leave, but Africa also has its own problems. The grass is not necessarily greener on the other side. Take care.


    1. Yes I am depressed but that’s nothing knew .Thats life.Church isn’t my thing been there done that.But I know enough bout Africa since I have dual citizenship as I am Nigerian .But the difference is the people oppressing africans are black not white.Thats a big difference thanks for the tips


  3. When you say ‘oppressing’ do you mean those of West Indian parentage or Nigerian/African parentage or just anyone who happens to be black? You have to forgive them for it’s not their fault. They are just trying to hold onto their jobs.

    Some years back when I was on holiday in London, a friend of mine who now lives in Ghana complained of how black people were selling out black people and that she couldn’t stand it. I told her that I remembered the same thing when I lived and worked in the UK. Because of the bit and pieces of crumbs that are thrown on the table, ‘we’ will fight and bicker over this and sell each other out for these crumbs. Because we are angry at the system and possibly angry at ourselves, it is so much easier to hit out at one another as opposed to the oppressor.

    When I was in London last, I recall two separate incidents in shops where I was served, and the people serving me (they were black) were hostile. What was important for me was not to ‘absorb’ their anger and most importantly that I shouldn’t take it personally as deep down, I knew they were angry with themselves, angry at the choices they’ve made, angry at where they are and how life hasn’t worked out for them. I have brothers who live in London whom I see each time I go, and it’s the same thing. After all the pleasantries have been done, then they let me know how they really feel about me etc., as it’s the same with them.

    If the church does not provide solutions, what about counselling or taking a six week course in Mindfulness. But whatever you do, don’t give up the writing.

    Oh, and by the way, I live in Nigeria and my hubby is Nigerian. We have been married thirty years this month.
    Take care


    1. I am talking about Africa in general except south Africa and north Africa which is full of white & Arabs,asians.if a black African is oppressed there oppressed by there own black Africans. Which is fine.Africa is a Continent with much diverse after all not country .Plus even the countries wouldn’t exist if the white man hadnt force them together by the barrel of the gun. I am not talking about Western Indian parentage because its just a nationality not ethnicity . There West Indian islands are multi ethnic background europeans,chinese,indian and african. But the black ones you cant tell there nationality once there in Africa, unless they speak since there of African descent.Africa has its problems as Nigeria but there no way to say life is better in the west as a black person.As Europe is full of racism,unemployment,poverty, injustice and bad weather.Something they complain Africa is full of except the bad weather. But even Europe has war in east Europe .Funny how they never mention all the problems to Africans when they visit Africa.

      Black people aint a homogeneous group there Blacks native to Asia ,Australia etc.You don’t except them to get on just because there Black.If youR friend talking about Black Britain.Black Britain consist of many Africa,Asia,Caribbean countries .With all different languages .You cant expect them to get on. You don’t expect white Britain who are of Anglo Saxon descent to not threat a White Russian even though Rus tribe were also Germanic tribe who went in to the land mass now called Russia.Both of those groups are Germanic tribe but there have bomb each other in the past and still dislike each other.I wouldnt expect them to get along.So why should people expect black folk to get along. Africans blacks are the most genetic diverse people on the planet.And they have many issues too.

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  4. Ok I get what you mean. It’s true that at the end of the day, people are people are people. It natural/normal for people, now matter where they live or come from, that they cannot get on with every one. And in my travels, I’ve seen this, repeatedly. We certainly do have issues. One has to find an anchor or sorts to cope with the difficulties of life. I do hope that you find your own. Take care Betty


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