Nus President Malia Bouattia


Malia Bouattia the NUS President has lost her job and the NUS has elected a new leader But I want to talk about, is the shit she has had thrown at her through her career as the president of the NUS.

Racism, Islamophobia,Sexism is what has been throw at Malia Bouattia all the way through her term as the NUS president .I am personally proud of her .The way she shoulder on despite dead threats.The way she didnt try to plenty to be white for a easy ride in this world rule by the colour of your skin.

She didnt deny her Black African ancestors for her white ancestors or middle east ancestors. She stood tall. She didnt claim she was Arab and ignore the fact that her parents are from Algeria which is in Africa not the middle east.Like so many mixed north Africans do.

She fought hard for black students darker then her as she fought for lesbians ,gays ,trans people ,refugees,women, migrants ,muslims etc.I think that makes her a damm good president in my book .A president for all people.

But I do think the shit she has had thrown at her shows you just how bad Racism sexism and Islamophobia is in Britain today.

I am a mature student and value my NUS card ,even though I struggled to afford it this year.

But Malia story highlights to me just how racist Britain is today. I made a YouTube video in the past about the online racism I have faced.And its funny some of us dark skin women always like to think that light skin black women or mixed black people have it easier but Malia has faced the same kind of shit Diana Abbot gets .Its disgusting really.And the funny thing is NUS have elect another black women to be president of the NUS.Its amazing how strong black women are in the face of torrent of abuse. (I personally don’t think enough is done to protect people of colour from racial abuse in Britain)

Just wait for the comments talking about the new president Shakira Martin appearance, her being a single mother and being black.


Any women of colour or a Muslim women in the public eye better have thick skin because Racism aka White supremacy rules Britain.If you are brave enough to stand up too it .Expected to be scared and for someone to threaten to kill you for believing that black people are just as human as white people . Peace and love family. Congratz to the new president Shakira Martin



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