The day Jeremy Corbyn came to town.

Jeremy Corbyn the Labour leader came my town this week. I was quite excited and shocked ,as I live in the poor part of the city of Salford .Its full of social housing , broken dreams and people with health issues e.g drugs,alcohol etc but its my home.

For me it was so nice to see a politician who cares about the average Joe and who is prepare to come to the deprived part of Salford. And who’s prepared to fight for sick ,disabled ,the low pay workers etc. Knowing farewell the wolves of the political class and there henchman in the media .Will be there to throw anyone who dares to say Britain is a country run for the rich to the wolves.And to discredited the person at every turn.It takes a special person to be able, to stand up to that kind of scrutiny and still show compassion, at the end of it.

Jeremy has been to Salford a few times since he became leader of the Labour party and he seems genuine .I cant remember a time Tory leader or Liberal Democrats leader turn up in Salford ,especially the part I live in.

I was waiting for Jeremy with a pack of other people outside the local shopping centre in Salford  where I live.He arrived on a big coach and the press BBC Laura Kuenssberg and North West today jump on Jeremy like a pack of wolves.


There seem to be a lot of press camera’s as he left the coach and no supporters .The Labour supporters were across the road on the grass next to Tesco. But the press seem to have blocked labour supporters from seeing him or getting anywhere near him.The police were also there too.

Its was quite disappointing with the press packs behavior. You would think it was a press conference not a chance for Jeremy to speak to he’s supporters.It left a nasty taste in my mouth.


Jeremy made a beautiful speech when the press allowed him to get too hes supporters. But hes people didn’t even bother to make sure the microphone worked .So you couldn’t hear most of what he was saying.It was just stupid and annoying.

It seems like everyone had a camera phone or camera including me. And those bloody professional photography with huge zoom camera blocked people from being able to see Jeremy.

It wasn’t well organised and towards the end a white man started shouting at Jeremy that he was un electable .And that he didn’t care about the white working class people.

I thought to myself another racists, there quite a few around here .Its a breeding ground for BNP.( I have found BNP newspaper in my local library on the table) & there cousins UKIP.

I didn’t say anything .I just thought when has the elite of the uk really cared for the white working class. Most of what there have was fought for. People die for the vote ,fought wars which weren’t there fight.Fought and campaign for NHS and the welfare state .It wasn’t given just because white upper class people believed in human rights .It was a fight hundred years in the making,

In conclusion ,I feel like Politics in this country ,seem to be for journalists to write exceptionally mean things about MP’s and the people they govern .And to make a living sell the line ,that radical change is the wrong way to go about solving problems. And that the change that is needed is a small change and not to rock the boat.

With Journalists like BBC Laura Kuenssberg you know what shes going to say before she speaks.Its like a script coming from her mouth.She’s the voice of the British Establishment ,her job is too keep the status quo going.

Politics that is grassroots and allows the average Joe to inter act with there leaders and  there representatives doesn’t exist. here.The mainstream media help keep the status quote going and UK Politics has become a show at the Coliseum for when people get restless ,like in ancient Rome to sub divert a revolution .Sad but true .Please share and comment.


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