Rimmel Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

I am not going to lie ,I am obsessed with winged eyeliner look .I love how it elongates the eye.Every time l wear it ,it’s like I am channeling the Kemetic Egyptian queen Cleopatra .But I do have one problem the styling power of these gel eyeliners.l have excessive watery eye problem .Especially if its cold out side which is under 23 centigrade for me.My eyes start to water and my eye liner will start smuggling in a matter of minutes .lts really annoying as people constantly as me if I am crying and I am not its just bloody cold and I am not build for the cold weather of Europe. I get really upset when my lovely eye makeup is ruined.I really need a water proof one eyeliner and gel liner.I went hunting for one and brought Rimmel waterproof gel eyeliner it was quite expensive at £6.99 a pop.


But l first tried Collection 2000 gel eyeliner and as beautiful as it looked and how cheap it was it smudge really quickly. Pandy eyes with in minutes people.

The Rimmel Gel eyeliner had good reviews but its a waste of money its doesnt last 24 hours its last me about 1 hour ,it smudges too.I am quite upset and dont have the receipt to return it.Its not waterproof .I really like the look of it and I prefer the way gel liner looks but its just isnt waterproof.I am on the hunt again for water proof gel liner. If anyone has an tips or recommendation please comment on the comment section.Please sub and share on social media Love betty


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