Living without a smartphone

I live without a smartphone people in the twenty first century.Because I just cant afford to buy a decent one. I have so much to buy right now , an smart phone isnt on my list of priorities. I brought two cheap ones in the past an Alcatel Popstar, I broken the screen within two months and Alcatel refuse to fix it for free.I then brought the upgrade Alcatel pop 4 but had to pawn it when I cant afford electricity .Hard time folks.

The most annoying thing for me about these cheap smart phone is the battery power just didn’t last ,more then six hours when surfing the net or using Whatsapp. I was constantly carrying a portable battery pack instead .whioch was annoying.And I also had too buy a spare battery for my Popstar or the power would be gone in six hours.And I would have a dead phone which I wouldnt use until charge up again.

The Alcatel phones were lovely and cute but the battery power made the phones a waste of money and the camera on the phone weren’t that great even


I realise I was only after a smart phone for Whatsapp ,surfing the internet on the go ,taking photos and blogging. I realise I can use my small Sony w830 camera for taking photo’s when I am out and about.I can carry my small Acer Happy netbook to blog when I am out and about.And I can my Blackberry 9360 to surf the net, on my daily travels also long as I can find a wifi hotspot. I really dont need a smart phone just for fashion ,to keep up with the Jones

Unfortunately the only thing I miss is Whatsapp as my family in Nigeria contact me via that and sent photos. But I now use Facebook instead.Blackberry no longer support Whatsapp on Blackberry.

I have a list of things that I need to buy.

New Laptop as my old one is outdated and broken.

Laminate flooring for my small flat ,I have no flooring

New 50mm Lens for my D5100 camera

New comfortable chair and table for my secondhand pc which is on its way so I can complete my university work.

A tablet as my netbook is old and out of date.

As you can see smartphone just isnt in my list of things to buy plus too get a good smartphone with excellent camera you need to spend about £250.And thats a price I just cant afford. Iphone 6 plus is my dream phone and its going for £600 .Its just to expensive, thats a price of a plane ticket to see my family in Nigeria .I would rather that then a smart phone.

Iphone 6 Plus

People there is life outside of owning a smartphone

One good thing about my old blackberry 9360, is that you can drop it and its less likely to break then a smartphone.

Tell me if you can live without a smart phone,please share and comment .love betty


5 thoughts on “Living without a smartphone

  1. [ Smiles ] I am deeply sorry about your financial situation.

    Smartphones are a bit overrated; we do not have to take the internet with us everywhere we go.

    Also, society did rather well before the invention of smartphones.

    Now, I am in no way insinuating that we should not own one; I am merely pointing out that too many people have become heavily dependent on them.

    Do have yourself a fabulous week!

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  2. You’re not the only one Betty! I don’t have a smartphone either! As long as I have a phone to make and receive calls and send the odd text, I couldn’t care less!


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