What I use to Blog & Vlog

I love blogging and Vlogging it takes time but its so rewarding.I have been Vlogging since about 2007 with a small Logitech webcam .And I have been blogging for about 5 years on and off.My blogging really took off when I switch to WordPress from Blogspot where I only had 23 followers.

I found you need a few item to blog laptop or P.C and small Netbook or Smart Phone when you want to blog on the go.

I currently have White Toshiba Laptop for blogging at home and blog on my small Acer netbook when I am out and about and travelling abroad.I also have two mouses as I hate the trackpad on a Laptop.


My small Acer netbook ,for blogging on the go ,is quite old at 6 years old but I do love it. Its so lightweight and small .It fixes nicely into my handbag.But I need to find a new one soon.Its a bit broken.I also have a small Sony W830 camera for taking pictures on the go and a Nikon DSLR D5100 camera for better pictures.


I love all these items but I will have to replace my laptop and netbook soon as there getting old.I would love a Ipad Mini for blogging and a smart phone but we will see.

All these items have serve me well over the years.

What items do you use for blogging and Vlogging? Please share on social media and comment .


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