Natural Straight African Hair

As a women of African descent Its amazing the amount of blatant misinformation about what Africans look like.In Africa there were two types of Africans, Africans with natural straight to wavy hair and the Africans with curly to coily hair.They have always been there .The straight or wavy hair African can be found all over Africa.Plus folk move about especially as the Sahara expanse. The straight hair Africans we know left African in huge numbers that’s one of the reasons why you wont see them as much as the curly or coil hair African . (Plus they say straight hair genes is recessive and curly hair genes are dominate).Even though straight ,wavy hair African left, that’s doesn’t mean they all left .They still in Africa.There are number of African tribes that have straight wavy hair,Tuareg, Somali, Songhai,Fulani  etc.


African DNA is the most diverse on the planet.Right now Africans don’t control information ,so many people with a racist agenda seek to distort Africans contribution to humanity.I write my blog to try and redress this balance.

When I studied beauty school l had many people tell me black Africans only have coily hair .And curly ,wavy ,straight hair was given too them by a random Asian or white Europeans when there came to Africa. The official line is white people and Asians have a copyright on straight ,wavy hair.As well as blue eyes , green eyes, blonde hair etc. Most of these folks that told me this have never step one foot on Africa soil but have become an expert on Africans.

European Scholar and there cousins the Americans have no studied on natural straight African hair .The books always say Afro hair is one of Africa and ignore that not all black Africans have that hair type. Don’t bother going to hairdressing school to learn about difference types of African hair .AS THEY HAVE NO CLUE ABOUT DIFFERENT TYPES EXPECT ASIANS OR EUROPEANS.

girls and boys
Niger ,West Africa

Lucky though with the migration of Africans to Britain, people are starting to see Africans with natural straight or wavy hair. I see quite a few in Moss Side , Manchester. Its always a fun experience when your not use to seeing dark brown skin and naturally straight or wavy hair.


People of African descent, who can write in these European languages English , French, Spanish, Dutch must write books , articles ,make films to redress the balance .Or our story will never get told.Our future kids and there kids will be reading lies for generations too come


One of the most usually experiences, I had was in Nigeria meeting my cousin who was a old lady by then with dark brown skin and blue eyes. I nearly ran from the church.It was very scary .I was just not use to bright blue eyes with brown skin darker then my own. In Nigeria they call it pussy cat eyes.Its amazing the diverse of the Africa gene. I would recommend if your not use to the pussy cat eye Africans .Dont be rude as you might hurt the person feelings with the unusually eyes. I would brace yourself for these people .Green ,Grey, blue eye black African are all over Africa. Blue ,Grey, Green eyes are African recessive genes but these folks just pop up out of nowhere in Africa.

blue black

Here a video of a little beautiful black African Ugandan girl with blue eyes.

I hope this post is interesting for you ,please share and comment.


2 thoughts on “Natural Straight African Hair

    1. That’s so cool,it’s nice to chat to natural straight hair Africans.I was getting so fed up of people telling Africans don’t have natural straight hair.African DNA is very diversity and it should be celebrated.What country are you from in Africa ?Please keep blogging as we need more African women voices out there.

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