Manchester Bombing

Gosh my hometown of Manchester has been bombed again. Last time it was bombed in 1996 by the IRA.Its been really sad for the victims of this bombing.Because its was kids that got hurt time this time around. A young Manchester lad Salman Abedi decide to be a suicide bomber and blown himself and others up. At Ariana Grande Concert.She’s a former Disney star.


My heart fell when it happened .Growing up in Moss Side and the surrounding area.I know it isn’t the land of opportunity .Its full of  broken dreams, poverty and people of former British colonies as well as poor white Britons. All trying to get along and trying to lift themselves out of poverty.

Its been strange for me ,as I use to work in that MEN arena that was bombed but that was many moons ago. I have so many emotions because the Salman Abedi the bomber went to school in Moss side the area I grew up in and he lived on the same street as my friend.So I know many places which this guy knew. Its strange to see the area I grew up in the spotlight again all for the wrong reasons.

Salman Abedi family were arrested by armed police after the bombing .I feel for them ,as people forget that you don’t always now what you family are up to. I ain’t close to my sisters or brother and if they did something I wouldn’t have a clue. Its seem like hes family will be paying for hes sins.

I think its disgusting how the press have named the shop where Salman cousins have barber shop and the street where Salman Adedi lived.Being a barber isnt a crime and if hes cousins have been found to not been involved .They should be able to get on with there lives ,without the press putting them on blast for crimes they haven’t committed. The press in this country seem to think British people of colour lives ain’t worth shit.Here’s an interesting article on Salman cousins and their thoughts on the bombing and their cousin.

There’s a lot of people of colour in the area of Moss side , Fallowfield , Rusholme and it wont surprise me if the Far Right come and visit them area.To harassing people of colour.The Far Right have in the past visited the area’s to make trouble.The people just dont need this attention.

Many experts are blaming British foreign policy & M16 & M15 for the increase in attacks in Britain & Europe. Jeremy Corbyn took the brave step of speaking about this in a speech.The link is below.

M16 & M15 have been allowing British Duel citizens to go and fight wars and overthrow foreign governments in Syria ,Libya  and Afghanistan if it helps defend British Imperial interest. British government had placed Libyan nationals on control order , taken there passports. Then minute M16 /M15  got wind there was a Libya uprising ,they quickly give the passports back to the Libyan /British  nationals living in Manchester ,UK .And allow them to go and over throw Gaddafi government.While preaching their against terrorism.

Here’s an article about M16/ M15 and British Government meddling

When the blow back comes like the Manchester bombing ,British government and M15/M16 claim they had nothing to do with it. Here a video of a Moss Side lad called Mohammed who flew out to Libya to play real war games ,kill people ,fight ISIS Daseh while being high on drugs.

This type of Neo colonial meddling by British and western government is what is upsetting many people of colour in Africa ,Middle east and beyond. And funding terrorism in those places.

Many former colonial powers, have no respect for they former colonies and are constant meddling in there affairs. Over throwing governments, selling weapons to totalitarian regimes like Saudi Arabia and not caring how many innocent people are killed in those countries.As long as the economies of the west are doing well.The human rights and the right to self determination is ignore at every turn for those people. As long as your not western country.As long as the bombing and war isn’t on western soil .Its alright

Britain was involved in bombing of Libya.Britain sent special troops to Libya as well has Tomahawk missiles to knock out Libya air defence. But British media and government ,want British public to believe that Libyans aren’t angry at the devastation cause through a war that Britain help create.The war in Libya seems to have no end.

British people should ask how would you feel if this war was being play out on Britain soil not foreign soil. All lives should matter not just western ones.One day the war mongering government of the west will get that. Until then its business as usually and the arm industry in the uk ,is going to keep selling weapons to boost the economy.

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All lives Matter.


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