Maybelline’s Fit Me! Foundations


I am just a brown skin girl living in a vanilla world and I hear constantly how colour don’t matter but I still can’t walk into any high street shop or department store in England and get the right shade of foundation for my skin tone. I have to order online or go to a specfic shop to buy foundation.

So when I saw Maybelline new advert advertising the fit me foundation I was surprise as it said it now has 40 shades .I thought bloody hell that a lot. As I looked closer to the ad ,I notice it was only for normal to oily skin.

I thought that counts me out as I have dry skin.Its seem there a myth that black skin is oily .My skin is very dry .I get annoyed when people tell me its weird for a black women not to have oily skin. I just tell them ,no its not as I don’t have oily skin.

I looked at the US advert and notice there was only one black women in the advert even though it said it has 40 shades.And the Asian and European women all seem to be closer to the same shade.Its seem white capitalism beauty company Maybelline just don’t get African skin stone can range from the white cream to darkest brown .Its funny how the ad was saying foundation for all skin tones and contrdict it self with only light skin tone show and one token black women in shade 360 is  meant to represent all black women


The ad is a USA ad and the same ad in Uk only 19 shades are available in the uk.This is very unfair.I will have to complain to Maybelline about this .

I am getting really fed up of white dominated beauty companies and there  false advertisement,They getaway with it everyday and people just don’t see the racism behind it.Its time Black people start there own beauty companies and stop letting white beauty  companies get away with false advertising and not providing enough shades for the variety of brown skin women of African descent .

False advertisement seem to  be the name of the games in the white beauty world.


No justice No Peace Rashan Charles

Dear Brother I dont know what to say ,my heart is heavy. Its like the same shit different century. We shades of brown are not judge with humanity but by racist white supremacy standards .You were choked out like an animal and you could have been eating a sweet or food. But in the newspapers and the twitter sphere no one mention that .You were judge purely on your skin tone.
I am sorry for your family pain ,sorry for the kids you left behind. May your death not be in vain.May all the martyrs that have been killed by police brutality whether black ,yellow and white not dead in vain.
Here is the list of people killed by UK injustice system ,police brutality or in police custody
White people
Ian Tomlinson, Jordon Begley, Henry Foley, Richard O’Brien, Clement Blair Peach and Roger Sylveste
Black people
Sarah Reed, Mark Duggan, Cherry Groce, Joy Gardner, Sean Rigg, Oluwashijibomi Lapite, and Christopher Alder

Solutions people we must demand are rights ,that its not a crime to be of african descent ,its not a crime to be working class white person.

No justice No peace.