Dark Skin Black women being demonized in the media!

Dark Skin black women of the mahogany variety are constantly being demonized .And are having there feminine stripped away. They are regularly presented as androgyny , as more masculine then there fair skin sisters. Its a very damaging and dehumanize for black women .Its continue of what was happening under colonization and slavery .That black people were class as half human.


alex wek 2

This is Sudenese model Alek Wek below and here is a disgusting photo which stinks of racism.Why are dark skin black women nearly always present as over masculine, why is dark skin black woman photography with devil horns all the way down her body?

When fair skin black women like Beyonce are celebrated. Its like the closer your are to white the more human your presented.Photos like these, brainwash people into using brutal behave towards black women It makes white people scared of dark skin black women especially.

alex wek
Alek Wek

Grace Jones in the 80s was presented the same was , as to say she less attractive then a medium brown skin black women like Kelly Rowland.

Grace Jones

Dark skin black women seems to be photography to make them look scary, dark & sinister. Look at how Mel Brown was named Scary Spice just over hair.But in contrast look at how a white woman like Sinead O Connor ,when has she been portray as masculine, just because she has a bald head? Racism can be very convert , people.

Sinead O Connor


A dark skin Black women feminine is always questioned, as to say she lacks it compare to light skin women.I am fed up of the subtle racism at play here .The question prose by  Sojourner Truth proposed Aint I women ? Is as relevant today , as it was for her. There are people celebrating the Black Panther Movie but not asking how many times do we have to see dark skin bald head black women presented as masculine and wonder why black women are killed at the hands of white police officers.

Just my thoughts folks please share on social media and comment..

scary brown
Scary Spice


Amara La Negra & Afro

Amara La Negra ,my god shes a beautiful sister.But unfortunately she’s been suffering anti African sentiment from another Latino person called Young Hollywood .I have spoken about this on my channel and have been told anti African sentiment in the Caribbean , Americans ,Britain is a thing of the past. Obviously I know its a blatant lie , I still today have to deal with Black Caribbeans who are blatant insulting my African heritage and ignoring there own. What happened to Amara , shows me just how much there anti African and dark skin sentiment in Caribbean , Americas and the West.

amera 5
Amara La Negra

Both black , brown and white people suffer from this condition .Called it Afrophobia and Negrophobia .Young Hollywood the Latin producer, felt it was perfectly alright to tell Amara that she need to get rid of that African look and the Afro. That she need to be more Beyonce and less Macy Gary .Hes been receiving death threats since.Poor thing. And hes defense is that people need to stop calling him racist and fucked up . And start blaming the CEO of these companies who want a white looking black women . E.g white girl dipped in chocolate like Beyonce look.

amera 1
Amara La Negra

I do agree with that statement about going after these White CEOs but it still shows hes dislikes for Africans .And dark skin people who are proud of there African heritage.  He justified, hes anti African sentiment by saying Amara’s hair not real but fail to mention Beyonce hair not hers too.Its shows you he dislikes Black Africans a lot and any Latin who looks very African looking. Amara La Negra said shes proud of her African heritage and that she was lucky enough to do a Spanish concert in Equator Guinea ,Africa

Amara La Negra

I am sure hes got African ancestry too , like many of the mixed Caribbean folk but deny its and bangs on about hes Spanish and Native American blood.Unfortunately anti African and dark skin sentiment is rife there .And in Americans and the west in general . As a kid growing up in England ,I was bullied by black Caribbean kids for being African but they never mention there own African heritage lol .I made a decision to stop hanging out with them at 11 years old and it was the best decision I made.From then on I was unapologetically African and still am. My other African friends who continue to hangout with the Caribbean kids continued to get bullied for being African.

Its still the same story.I still hear African kids complain about being bullied for being African or dark skin. It amazes me how prejudice some Caribbeans people can be to each other. I remember a beautiful dark skin Jamaican girl, that the other Caribbeans kids were always bullying for being Dark Skin. The house nigger vs the field slave is alive and well even though slavery in the Caribbean is over.

There a story of British Jamaican model complaining that she was called an African , it didn’t click to Leomie Anderson that her ancestors were Africans and that shes of African descent full stop. And if your dark skin your going to look more African. Jamaican isn’t a DNA its just a Nationality. Majority of Jamaican DNA is West and Central African DNA obviously Leomie miss the memo. Here a video of Leomie ,the reason she get called an African is because she looks like one lol. If she was light skin, she wouldn’t get mistaken for an African so much.I think many Caribbeans are confused about what west Africans look like. As I get many Caribbean thinking I am Caribbean .Even to the point of them asking me who I am related too in Manchester. I think there an idea that all west Africans are dark skin and look a like.Which isnt true.

In Britain African Caribbeans have been encourage to disconnect from there African heritage by British Government labeling them Black Caribbean or Caribbean .Which makes folks like Leomie hate on there African heritage

I think a lot of black Caribbean and Americans are afraid to be honest about there low racial self esteem. I think there pain gets silenced under that Rastafarianism Pan African banner.

As an African you come across a lot of hate from various corners but it makes me very sad and makes me angry. I am fed up of dealing with self hating Caribbeans and fed up of Caribbeans who want to hide the fact, that a lot them hate on there African heritage and Africans in general.So many of them want to put a ban aid on and deny reality. Just last week I came across a crazy Haitian women hating on Africans and verbal attacking me for slavery .I had to put the nutcase in her place.Whats fun about it is, the Haitians are meant not to hate Africans or Africa lol. Especially since they wanted to join the African Union. Maybe they should deal with some of there peoples low racial self esteem before trying to join African Union.Just a thought.

Slavery and colonization has given a lot of people of African descent low racial self esteem. Heres a video on the important of racial self esteem.

Its doesn’t help with racists like Donald Trump calling Africa and Haiti a shit hole .But I am glad it happened ,as its prove me right .That there still a lot anti black African sentiment around. The fight goes on folks Africanlivesmatter and so does blacklivesmatter.

Nikon new AP lens

I’ve had my Nikon D5100 since 2014 , its take me a long time to get use too it. And I am still learning how to use it. But I am upset ,as Nikon has changed there lens and the new AP lens aren’t compatible with my old D5100 Camera. There only compatible with three Nikon DSLR cameras: D3300, D5300 and D5500. I regret buying this camera to be honest ,I wish I would have brought Canon instead.


Nikon lens are also more expensive then Canon. Nikon a brand for someone with a lot of cash to burn. Not a mature student like me on a limited budget. I think its time to switch to Canon. I would like to get the Canon 700d or 750.


I would also like to get a mirrorless camera like Canon M10 because its got pop up screen and changeable lens .It would be a great vlogging camera.I would also like to get some different lens to take more photos with.This is my Wish list is 50mm lens , 55-200mm .

Beautiful painting of Black kids

Just wanted to share some lovely paintings of black kids ,that I have found online .Since I am going to be blogging more. I going to blog about varies topics.Right now I am researching and teaching myself how to paint , for my African centred kids books .I have been scrolling the internet for images of black kids .And I always seem to find paintings of African women and kids quite asbract .Its seems to be a popular way to pain Black Africans ,you cant see there facial features but the painting will have amazing colours. That will draw your attention to the image.

Pounding African Women by Francis Ogbenna

African traditional fabric are known for amazing bright colours so its important that painting of black african reflect this.

Women’s Prayer Meeting Painting by Marietjie Henning

These painting are of St Lucia childrens by American artist Johnathan Gladding .Johnathan paintings are so beautiful.I have found quite a few white artist aren’t able to paint black skin tones very well, that compliment black skin tones.Its almost like there afraid of colour and cant see the different in undertones colours of black skin .I also find there aren’t able to draw the facial features that well too. Its like most white artist are only trained to paint white folk. I had to showcase Johnathon art work , as a white man,he has painted some beautiful paintings of people of black african descent.

anba pawasol


Lastly there Nigerian Painter  Nigerian artist Oresegun Olumide ,he works amazing ,its hard sometimes as they look like photos.This painting style is called PhotoRealism ,I have been blow away with hes skill as am artist. Check an interview with him below .Please share and comment .Love Elizabeth

Nigerian artist Oresegun Olumide.jpeg





YouTube Trolls

I have been on YouTube for ten years clapping but lately its being to annoying me. As much as I love my subscribers. The trolls, who seem to think ,they have to get an answer to every question there ask me .Or think they can tell me what to do on my channel.Or write abusive comments and threaten me. I am getting pissed off with them .They seem to feed of negative energy.When I check there YouTube page ,its always 90 percentage a blank page. Its annoying and an act of a coward.

Picture 2

There are things I would never share , family and partners is off limits camera wise. Those people don’t want to be on YouTube and I respect that. But its amazing how the trolls demand to see what isn’t there business.But you never see these trolls face or family lol hypocrites

But what’s annoy me is ,they never donate to my channel but think there going to come tell me what to say, think and do on my channel. Like there actually paying for content.Video’s take time and effect.

Its amazing the Egos of some of the people commenting on YouTube video’s

There many changes in my life this year and I need to dedicate time to that. There no really money in YouTube ,if you want to talk about racism ,politics etc. YouTube demonetize most of my video’s . I can make a better impact by writing books and making short documentaries .I need to dedicate time to my new family too.I wont bother saying anything on YouTube like goodbye as I keep changing my mind. But I will take a break for sure.

Its sad that some folks are so insecure they think there are owned explanation from someone like me who just makes YouTube videos. Like there know me.Its like these people don’t have anyone in there life who cares for them.And expect me to care for them and there opinion. Weirdos and insecure as fuck.

I say what I want and do what I want on my channel. I never say anything about anyone I wont say to there face. That’s me in real life , Love or Hate me but you will respect me.

Is YouTube worth it? YouTube has give money to Isil via Google Ad Sense ,https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/03/15/twitter_facebook_and_google_slammed_for_commercial_prostitution_by_mps/ they let Logan Paul show a dead body but didn’t demonetize him. But Demonetize me for making a video about white policemen killing black people in Britain. I have to ask myself do I want to be on a platform that ignorance racism against black people? And doesn’t promote black YouTubers .

I am beginning to think not. There black junction TV but its not that good .Its YouTube created for Black People but there a limit on size of the video you can upload. I need to find another creative outlet. Anyway just my thoughts before bed time.

Also blogger Sofrolushes mention YouTube made another change again.You need 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers to monetize .I just rolled my eyes.I thought here we go again .Please show Sofrolushes channel some love

I honestly think YouTube don’t care, if there small YouTubers don’t make any money, there only interested in big YouTubers like Logan Paul ,KSI

I think YouTube exploits small YouTubers to be honest .Its time to do more blogging instead .Love Elizabeth

Black men don’t read black women books

I am asked all the time if I am feminist .I am not but I sure as hell believe in rights for women and girls.Its becoming quite apparent ,over the last couple of months of networking that with black men. That Black men can be just as sexist as white men. Many black men talk for black men as well as black women.And cant see why this would wrong. They claim there going to be liberating black women and black child from racism aka white supremacy. But most of theses black men haven’t ever read a book written by a black women .But have read many books written by black men but they claim there fighting for black women. I am getting fed up of the hypocrisy


I regularly give black men the right of reply and actually read black men work but I know for a fact most black men never do the same for black women. Its disgusting and not fair. Not only do we black women have to battle racism ,we have to deal with sexist white and black men.This year 2018 I will be reading a lot more black women work and limiting the books of black and white men I read . Until I see the respect coming from black men ,that black women deserve that it. Black men’s books will be only be on 25 percentage ratio on my book shelves from now on.

Talk is cheap I expect Black men to read my work and other black womens work ,if not I might have to have a book burning ceremony . wink wink.

In the words of Sojourner Truth ain’t i a woman.Black Power