Shoe shopping

As I told you in my last post I don’t have enough ankle boots to wear .I went shoes shopping in Primark today. And I came across some beautiful ankle boots.I love wearing ankle boots for riding my bike because there comfortable and fashionable.I like to ride in style.I came across these in various colours. There only £12.

I sometimes think I should brought two pairs since there so cheap as it’s not easy having big feet .As shoes for big feet are generally expensive and sometimes they don’t come in my size arrhh !

What you think ,I think there Uber stylish and lovely bright colour. There a fake suede material.

Megan Markle marrying the prince !

Megan Markle is going to marry Prince Harry  and I wanted to blog about this .As I feel like its important .Due to the fact that she’s of African Descent with an African American women and White American father.

Megan Markle

Shes classically beautiful and fits the western standard of beauty e.g thin narrow nose and thin lips. But due to her African heritage she looks Spanish looking , she could pass for Spanish or Italian unless you see her with her curly hair .She normal wears it straight.I think she’s the accepted face of black Britain , she not too black but black enough for British political elite to ignore the accusations of institutionalize racism. She,’ll be use to promote multi racial society supposing living in harmony around the world and especially in Africa. YouTuber Jade mention this in her video worth a watch, please show Jade Dill channel some love.

I think if she had the true stereotype negro African features .e.g the  brown skin , thick wide nose, thick lips and curly hair .She wouldn’t be marrying the prince. She would be hes mistress kept in the shadows or if she was the bride she would face a barge of criticism. And vire racism.


What fun is even though she could pass for white ,she still faced racism and attacks. From the media Daily Mirror and social media. What’s also strange is Harry is being presented as this benevolent humanitarian crusader. But wasn’t he the one who dress up in the Nazi uniform

prince_harry_nazi  And arent the royal family well recorded as being racist.But sometimes love has a strange way of making folks not see the obviously.

There a huge media campaign wage , showcasing him as a clone of hes mother. He’s photography with African kids, my shade of brown .With a very sad story like there parents have died .And Harry doing everything he can to change there future by raising money while not using hes own money .This is to take away for hes mistake of the past.

Prince Harry Windsor

Looks like its working, I haven’t heard the mainstream media mention the racism in the royal family .I have only heard People of colour mention it. Like Yasim Brown here

Only time will tell if the marriage works. But I don’t expect her to help race relations in Britain. Having a princess of African descent in Britain isn’t going to do shit for me or most people of African descent in Britain. It looks like a propaganda exercise. What funny about it is shes not the first women of African descent on the British throne.

British Queen Charlotte was the wife of George III and of German descent. But she also was of African ancestry. And Philippa of Hainault (1314-69), consort of Edward III also was of African descent. Read about them both in this Guardian article


Whats your thoughts would you marry a man with a past and family likes hes?

Make Up Junkie

I dont wear makeup everyday and my makeup is piling up.I am bit of a Make Up Junkie .I need to start wearing makeup at least three times a week to get my money worth. Its ridiculously .I am buying , buying but not using it enough. I am looking a beauty bloggers and wishing I looked like them. But I am amoust afraid to try out these eye looks I see.I love this eye look from Joyce Parteen. Joyce Parteen one of my favourite beauty bloggers.I also love her Lace front wigs they look so natural on her. I need that hair in my life too.


I still havent got the hang of putting eyelashes on. I am also constantly buying different brands of cheap foundation .But not finishing them before I buy another one. I want to buy Primark foundation in Amber ,as its the first shade that matches my skin tone.But I really don’t need it, just want it. I have a LaRoc Beginners 120 eye palette I need to use up. I am also constantly buying clothes but I didn’t I haven’t enough shoes to wear.I need to revalue my wardrobe. And resist the urge to buy clothes but forget the shoes. And I need to post more fashion looks on Instagram. I love fashion but dont blog enough about it.


I almost feel in my head is beauty blogging worthy part time career. Its the inner critic that stops me some times from being who I want to be. I just love that long hair of Jocelyn but its expensive and got to many bills to pay right now .But I going to use this video on how to make a lace front wig. Once I can afford that human straight hair .

Heres some of my favourite bloggers makeup and fashion looks , instagram


19762042_1991297197803922_4660323052721012736_n (1)

I got some beautiful Kaftans and dresses I need to a Lookbook on. I had Lookbook but no one I know , who knows how to take a good photo. I need to use my remote from my Nikon D5100 and take them myself .

Trump ShitHole Africa


Trump and hes racism. Trump is with no shadow of a doubt , a bigot and racist .I am not surprise by hes comments & him supposedly saying Africa is a shithole. For years black Africans like me have been subject to blatant racism and prejudice from whites, blacks and Asians. Its been swept under the carpet for a long time. Its time to take a stand.


What annoying about Trumps comments is in a speech months ago ,he praised Africa .Say hes friends are investing in Africa and getting rich of Africa’s wealth. Another thing about Trump ,is he has investment in Egypt and South Africa. If he really thought Africa was a shit hole. would he invest millions of dollars in hotel industry in Africa. Donald Trump is hypocrite and a liar. He doesn’t care about hes blatant racism , against Africans and how it effects them , as long as our Continent continues to make him rich.  Hes what they call a sociopaths !

I was talking to my white friend about Trump and she was surprise I had been bullied by Caribbeans kids even though there of African descent. The anti African sentiment is strong in the descent of enslaved Africans , even though slavery ended in 1880 .

People forget ,that to keep that many people enslaved ,you have to teach them to hate themselves and anything that reminders them of there African roots.

It makes me very angry the After effects of Atlantic slavery trade.And it doesn’t help when racist like Trump enjoy adding fumed to the fire. One of the main problems , is the lack of political will in Africa. To deal with anti African sentiment and the offspring of Africans slaves who are still traumatized and having an identity crisis.

There varies reasons as to why there no plan for the descent of enslaved Africans but the UN has recognise the racism and discrimination that Africans , African Caribbeans , Americans.

They have organised a UN decade of people of African descent but one of the countries that cause the problem Britain is refusing to acknowledged it. No surprise there. The political elite of Britain, still see the descendants of slaves as slaves and people of there colony’s as subjects .

I personally ain’t thankfully and fed up of the plain ignorant western imperialism in Africa has cause. Africa and its people like me are still trying to recover. Its a long process. I write my blog to spread awareness of the systematical discrimination ,us black Africans face in a world dominated by racism aka white supremacy .The lack of resources we face is so unjust and unfair especially in Africa. I am personally fed up of telling my relatives in Africa , that the  streets of Britain ain’t paved with gold. That’s I cant just afford to pop to Africa just because we miss each other.

Even the flights to Africa are expensive , even though its near to Europe then USA. USA is cheaper to flight to then Africa but twice the amount of flight time. Africans are getting ripped off, why the Europeans profit from our miserable. The world economy is stilted to flavour the western Europeans and there offspring in USA , Australia, South Africa. Currently European Airlines dominated Africa airways. When I go to Africa I will personally be flying African airlines its about supporting other Africans like me.

What going on right now is Africans and black people are waking up and saying we have had enough of racism .That’s why we have BLACKLIVESMATTER movement and the anti Libyan slavery protests. As a black African , I am not willing to be a second class citizen under a system of white supremacy , its time we stand up and be counted . Africanslivesmatter and so do  Blacklivesmatter . NO JUSTICE NO PEACE !

Here is a video of the Carol Duggan who fights for justice for black people and working class people, after her nephew was killed by police   .

Doing What You Love

Doing what you love is what I promise myself , I will be do this year. No more excuses.But when I say doing what I love .I have been doing it for about a year or so. And I haven’t made enough money doing it. But this year I am dedicated to it and making it a liveable income. Deep down I don’t think I believed, I could make an income but this year.I am making steps to up my skills, so I can make a living income . I have enrolled in a few free online courses at . .I am studying a  diploma in Photography, one in Maths course and another English course to help with my English Grammar and punctuation since English isn’t my native language.

The Photography course is really fun.Its taken me a long time to realise I am very creative. I grew up in a Nigerian house where the only thing my parents valued was academia, since there both teachers and so was my paternal grandfather.Arts were frowned a upon.People from my background on a council estate didn’t become Photographer , Artist etc.They were to busy struggling to survive.

But lucky I am an adult now and can do what I want. I am working on my own personal photography portfolio website to showcase my photos.I honestly never realise that I take a lot of photos.

I took this photo in Salford or Wigan but it was on cheap compact camera Nikon L29 .Its beautiful photo.I didnt realise I have a good eye for photography.

Sunset via the lake
Sunset via the lake in Leigh

I am also working on my other website for my other project Brown Sugar Mag. I am super busy and enjoying the break from YouTube. I am also trying to read a book or too.I miss YouTube but not prepared to do lots of  YouTube videos and only make 100 dollars a year.I want to be a photographer ,animator , illustrator , child book author and a handbag designer. No more mediocre living and making mediocre income. Its about doing what I love and being paid to do it.I want to go back to college in September to get Maths and English GCSE too. YouTube can wait they’ve been exploiting small YouTuber like me for years.

There many Fashion bloggers and photographers who have inspired me to follow my dreams link below.

Dazhaneleah whos a student photographer

There blackish Gold who’s Somalian American fashion Instagram blogger

Yasin Osman Somalian Canadian Photographer hes story is below

Time to go ,please comment and subscribe .Sorry to my YouTube subbies but I need time out to do me. Love Betty.

Riding in style

Hey I am a bicycle fanatic.Other folks like cars but I love bikes.I like to have a few ,to go with my wardrobe and to have a backup just in case I get a flat tyre.I think it’s best to have summer and winter bike.

My last one was stolen and my other mens blue mountain bike one needs to much work to bother fixing it.I just saw a amazingly beautiful Red Claude Butler Ladies bike .It’s on sale for only £175 at Tred Bikes .I will struggle to afford it but I want a new bike so much.I miss my bike so much.Public transport is so expensive and doesnt always go where I need to go.It can take longer too. I also use to do my food shop on my bike.Its great for popping to the local shops and for a nice country side ride in Wigan. It’s a great sustainable transport.They only problem is if I buy this bicycle, it will need a bicycle rack for carrying my shopping.I also think a bicycle basket essentially for putting your handbag in.That also got stolen ,as I like to decorate my baskets with fake plastic flowers.This is my dutch bicycle basket

I am quite artist and it was getting to the point ,when I was getting stopped on the street because people were admiring my floral bicycle basket.They admired it so much they stolen one day.I am still wander the streets of Manchester taking photos of bicycles.Its a bit nerdy but I truly love bicycles .They gave me freedom when my mum couldn’t afford my transport as a kid and when I have been unemployed.I still use it went I am working.I saw this beautiful red Viking Ladies bicycle outside Salford University.Shes so cute.Red is a beautiful colour for a ladies bike.


Here a few old photos of Dutch bikes.Riding in style is most important for Dutch women.


I use to go to Manchester , Salford , Trafford Cycle forum but I got fed up when I saw how long political change takes and when my bike got stolen .I thought whats the point.I fell into a a no bicycle depression.I experienced bicycle withdrawn symptoms like a addict withdrawing from crack. That’s why I take so many photos of bikes. I long for the days when I use to ride my bicycle through the dutch countryside.

I might go back and see if anything change for the better ,cycle wise in Manchester. Manchester is still amazing dangerous city to cycling in.Its car dominated,I ride on the pavement sometimes and put up with the abusive from people.

There a few British Black bloggers who ride bicycle. Here a video from one of my favourite vloggers AnnieDrea ,she so stylish riding her bike.No Lycra in sight. I love take photos of Female cyclist but its hard you got to be super fast and have a small good camera.I want bicycle camera to attach to my bicycle and film myself cycling .