YouTube Protecting Bullys

Over the last few months have I been networking online and have been threaten and bullied by many black men .Ezra Azir ,Jedionline ,Raspect , Mysta Lee , Beefie ,Content over Everything who are all YouTubers who have YouTube channels. YouTube havent done much about it but take one of my videos down complaining about the black man JediOnline who threaten several black people and me.

He went online and said I had been sectioned and on anti psychotic drugs on Content Over Everything video. Which is a lie. He hasnt proved it but I have proved hes threaten people, as I record him threatening people.Hes a dangerous man. and should be locked up. He just trying to discredit me .

Also Danny Taylor also threatened me hes part of G Circle.

Jedi has been for months trying to intimidated me and cyber bully me .But I have stood firm .I wont be threaten or intimidated by pothead and violent thug like Jedi or hes backup dancers. There plain criminals and cancer in the black community, they need to be exposed.

Jedi Online is a violence thug  and threatens many black people who just disagree with hes promoting of Cannabis and violence. Jedi also verbal attacks Africans who speak of there African heritage .Hes done that to me several times. Because hes ashamed to be African but loves to pretend to be Jamaican. And wants to make other Africans pretend to be Jamaican. And  hes also use violence to other black man on camera. Just because he disagree with him. Video below.Jed preach peace but use violence. Hes a  hypocrite

Jedi manage to have whole channels against him because of hes threaten ,intimidate and violence .I know quite a few black people who have complained about him to me and been threaten by him. I always tell them to report him and report to YouTube.

Raspect is another headcase and pothead. He makes video’s cyber bullying and attacking Africans. He made this video inciting people to attack a guy called max from Canada but walks around London  claiming to be getting young black boys out of violence .He is the problem in the black community.Hes hypocrite and thug.

YouTube has once again left the video up even though hes used Max photo and he clears says he has ahki in Canada to deal with Max. Its disgusting what Raspect Jedi do to people.Any black boy following them will only end up in prison. They bad role models.

Raspect ,Jedi and Mike also were disrespect to old Nigerian man who just wanted to know about G Circle and advise them .Video here.Timestamp 1.52.28 There like feral cats .

Ezra Azir is a Jamaican guy from Birmingham who has threatened me several times and other black people .He hides from the camera but goes on Respect and Jedi channel attacking me. They made a video saying there had a photos of me in a threesome which was a lie and once again YouTube kept it up. Video here. Listen to Timestamp 1.52.43 To listen to the lies there spreading against me. They are bullies get together to make adobe Photoshop videos and videos attacking my character and other black people. YouTube do nothing about it even though I and other have complained.


Also its important to note that the guy Mysta Lee was the Jamaican guy from Birmingham who fancied me and wanted to take me to dinner.And get with me. When he could not get me ,he started verbal attacking me online. The best thing is he has a woman .Hes disgusting person and obviously cheats on hes woman

YouTube has been accused in the past by the Government of promoting hate speech and criminals. From my experience over the last few months I have seen just what YouTube are about. And its true.

You Tube doesn’t protect people from cyber bullying and there protect the bully’s and promote violence , racism and injustice for profit. If my cyber bullying goes to court Jedi and hes merry men would be exposed as violence bully’s. People have ask me to upload the video again of Jedi threatening people but I don’t want to make my channel about exposing these black criminals.But if anyone wants the recording there should just tweet me or contact me. Its important to expose these violence men who claim to be helping stop the gang violence in London while threatening other black people. Watch out for this

Watch out for this violence gang G Circle there aren’t men of peace ,they are men of war.

The sad thing is there many people in the G Circle who want to help protect young black boys and stop knife claim. But the leadership will only leader boys from the school to the prison pipeline and spend there time threatening other black people. .