Lack of Afro Hair & Beauty Products

I have lived in Northern England most of my life and I am truthly fed up of the struggle to get hair & beauty products .People of black African descent arent well catered for .I am on the hunt for a Afro Pik hair attachment for my Asda Hair dryer and I just cant seems to find one.


When I do find one with doesnt find my hair dryer. I brought a Wahl one and it only fitted my old Vidal Sasson hair dryer that I gave to my mum .

Picture 11

The next one I brought was £1.30 from China and its just to small. Its doesnt fit my Travel dryer or my Cute lightweight Asda Dryer.


Its lovely Afro Pik but why o why doesnt it fit? I remember 15 years ago . Hair dryer came with Afro Pik ,I brought  Vidal Sasson Dryer with one. But you cant get replacement parts for the Afro Pik when it breaks off. You have to buy a whole new one. But the brand of Vidal Sasson Dryer doesnt do afro pik attachment with hair dryers anymore. When will white mainstream society realise us black people hair isnt a fashion accessory its are natural hair.


Make my curls pop

I have 4a hair at the back of my head.I can just wash my hair and you can really see the natural curl.But at the front of my head .It’s 4b hair.I have to be honest .I love my 4a hair more.Its soft and easily to manage and soak up moisture more.I was quite annoy I had two different curls I would prefer 4a curls or 3c curls but you got to deal with the hand God deals you.

Africa Best Organics Olive oil hair and scalp therapy .
Africa Best Organics Olive oil hair and scalp therapy .

Not am not to sure where 4a curls come from, as my mum 4b hair not sure what size curls my dad had.I rarely wear my hair out.Just to much trouble .I wear protective styles 360 days a year.And it suits me fine.I tried a new hair product that my mum give me.I wasn’t aware of this product and would never brought it on my own.The products called Africa Best Organics Olive oil hair and scalp therapy .

Africa Best Organics Olive oil hair and scalp therapy .
Africa Best Organics Olive oil hair and scalp therapy .

Its a fun light green colour , with bits of herbs in it .The consistent is a bit thick and creamy .I don’t normal do cream based hair conditioner because I don’t like the fact you can see the cream until it dries and I always thought it wouldn’t moisture enough. But I am surprise by this product and the way it make my curls really pop .And its easy to distribute threw my hair strands ,unlike the African Pride magical gro I was using for years. I would recommend this products. Here the list of first few ingredients

Water, Glycerin ,Polyquaternium32 ,Mineral oil , Dicetyldimonium Chloride ,


Sleek Kohl Eyeliner review

I have brought Sleek Kohl Eyeliner for years and love black eyeliner to dark my eyebrows and give them the full eastern African bush eyebrows look lol.

I am obsessed with full eyebrows,look how it looks.But what I found with the Sleek eyeliner is it’s not that good.Its splits a lot when your trying to sharpen it.The eyeliner a bit cream goes on reasonable well.But I have to say after years of using it .I want better quality.its constant breaking when I am trying to sharper it .I am beginning to realise why people say you, get what you pay for.I dont know if anyone has any Kohl eyeliner you would recommend of better quality for me ? I have tried various budget brands like Miss Sporty and Collection 2000 but there the same .The quality isn’t that great. There all around £3.00 and they aint that good.