Rimmel & Elf Gel Liners Review.

I brought Rimmel and Collection 2000 Gel Liner.I love the cat eye look.

I first brought Collection 2000 gel liner because its one of my favourite budget makeup lines.I found this gel liner had no staying power and disappear with in hour . It also went hard quickly.Its was cheap and it wasn’t water proof.I have terribly watery eyes and end up with smudgy eyeliner which I hate .Its was waste of money



Next I brought Rimmel Gel liner which was double the cost £8 , its had a bit more staying power but its still didn’t stay on longer enough.It went hard quickly and I tried the old dryer trick.It make it soft again but within 15 minutes it was dry again and un useable. I use glycerine in both of them  to make it soft again.It worked a bit but I have decided to throw them brought away.As its hard to use.I wont be buying any of them and cant recommend them.



I brought the Elf waterproof felt tip pen , it was terrible very dry and useless ,that went in the bin .But the Elf gel liner was nice and soft ,worth the money. I hope it last and doesnt dry up so quickly.I have to say l also brought cheap Ebay black gel liner is was super cheap and hasnt dried up .Its not water proof but better then Rimmel and Collection 2000 , amazing  really.

Then lastly there Essence waterproof liquid eye liner that claims to be on 18 hours but when I use it.Its made my eyes stink and was smudged within hour, only lasted 2 hours not 18 hours. Its waste of money.


The hunt for cheap makeup int easy ,the hunt continues. And recommendations please comment below.


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