Drawing Beautiful Black men

I am practicing drawing, by drawing random beautiful black men that I am never going to meet.The hashtag is #BlackMenAppreciationDay. Not finish it yet but this is what I have done so far.Please show my video some love & share on social media ,as the stuggle is real.


My Canon film SLR Camera EOS 750.

This is my SLR film camera I brought about two years ago because I couldn’t afford a Digital one.Its a little gem and dirty cheap.Its quite fun to use too. It was about £45 including the lens.It’s quite heavy though but I am sure it will take beautiful photos.

I usually surf the internet to learn more about film photography,as I am not a fan of reading books about photography. I am more of an visual learner.I have watched a lot of YouTube videos about film photography recently.

I have a old 35mm film that needs developing and apparently it’s cheaper to develop the film yourself.But I will leave that for now and just pop too Boots for now.

I enjoy playing with the camera ,it looks so like DSLR camera.I also have a Nikon D5100 but I have no lens for it.I am saving the pennies to get a lens for my Nikon camera.I hope to buy a small film SLR Camera as the 750 eos is too heavy around alot.But that will be later. I will update my blog with the pictures soon.I hope to take some fashion photography ones when I find someone to help me take the photos.

Beyonce in Watercolour and pencils

Just practicing drawing Beyonce and colouring in with watercolour pencils.I’m just learning to paint with watercolour and but I should have use thick paper .But you live and learn.I would love to make a living selling my illustrations ,so I’m going to be drawing and painting like Van Gogh for the next couple of months.Please share on social media and comment.DSCN0525.JPG




Fashion illustrations

Hi people as I’m studying graphic design .One of the things I want too learn how to do is paint .I love drawing and always have .But I haven’t learnt to paint.So that’s one of my goals for the present ,to paint untill my heart content.I am currently sewing a pink puff dress ,so I ‘ve been drawing and painting the image .I just want it to look like one of those Cinderella dresses .What makes you think I’m going to the ball and Prince Charming coming to pick me up , in a white horse carriage lol .I have piles of chiffon and lace in pink that are going to make a beautiful dress.Please share your goals for the present and please share this post on social media



Watercolour fashion illustration


Fashion illustations


Water colour illustations

Street Art in Hulme Manchester

As a lover of art ,I love seeing what other artists, create with a spray can. This morning I was traveling to a Sunday family breakfast , with the sun shining in Manchester. And I came across a beautiful piece of artwork. Graffiti is one of my favourite art form, sadly it isn’t appreciated by the art elites  .This form of art is hardwork. Its takes real skill to create something with just spraycans.

But its massively misunderstood ,as its seen as mainly art of the working class and disadvantage youth.Its seen as art create by people living on the fringe of society but for me .Its just a beautiful live piece of work .That passers by ,can enjoy for free .Something that some of these exclusively art gallery seem to miss.

For me art is meant to be shared with the masses, not to be use exclusively for making profit.

I  am artist because I want to remind people of what a beautiful place,to treat people the way you want to be treated .Not just to make lots of money and more out of my council flat.Money for me is a bonus not the main purpose of art,one day the art elites will realise that.And realise that you can’t eat money.

This art piece is located in the hippie district of Hulme , Manchester going into the city centre. Its was a part of Manchester I grew up in .A part where poor,disadvantage people came together to fight the system. But it got a bourgeoisie makeover  years ago and theirs only a few artist living there now.

So  people what kind of art do you love? Please share on social media. Here’s my Instagram to see what I’m snapping with a camera and what I am personally creating with my paintbrush .


Graffiti Art Hulme  



Graffiti art Hulme

Art supplies

IMG_20160324_202956I went shopping at WH Smith last week with my NUS card .I brought coloured pencils ,graded pencils from Pound world. Paintbrushes from The Works.I am dead pleased with what I brought. The only thing I want is a big apartment or a little workshop studio to do my work .As my apartment is so small and I am struggling to find things and to work in this place .As I haven’t brought and real furniture due to needing to save up to buy laminate flooring.And I don’t want to pack stuff into my flat and then have to move it again,when its time to lay the new flooring lol.