Doing What You Love

Doing what you love is what I promise myself , I will be do this year. No more excuses.But when I say doing what I love .I have been doing it for about a year or so. And I haven’t made enough money doing it. But this year I am dedicated to it and making it a liveable income. Deep down I don’t think I believed, I could make an income but this year.I am making steps to up my skills, so I can make a living income . I have enrolled in a few free online courses at . .I am studying a  diploma in Photography, one in Maths course and another English course to help with my English Grammar and punctuation since English isn’t my native language.

The Photography course is really fun.Its taken me a long time to realise I am very creative. I grew up in a Nigerian house where the only thing my parents valued was academia, since there both teachers and so was my paternal grandfather.Arts were frowned a upon.People from my background on a council estate didn’t become Photographer , Artist etc.They were to busy struggling to survive.

But lucky I am an adult now and can do what I want. I am working on my own personal photography portfolio website to showcase my photos.I honestly never realise that I take a lot of photos.

I took this photo in Salford or Wigan but it was on cheap compact camera Nikon L29 .Its beautiful photo.I didnt realise I have a good eye for photography.

Sunset via the lake
Sunset via the lake in Leigh

I am also working on my other website for my other project Brown Sugar Mag. I am super busy and enjoying the break from YouTube. I am also trying to read a book or too.I miss YouTube but not prepared to do lots of  YouTube videos and only make 100 dollars a year.I want to be a photographer ,animator , illustrator , child book author and a handbag designer. No more mediocre living and making mediocre income. Its about doing what I love and being paid to do it.I want to go back to college in September to get Maths and English GCSE too. YouTube can wait they’ve been exploiting small YouTuber like me for years.

There many Fashion bloggers and photographers who have inspired me to follow my dreams link below.

Dazhaneleah whos a student photographer

There blackish Gold who’s Somalian American fashion Instagram blogger

Yasin Osman Somalian Canadian Photographer hes story is below

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African artist

I love all types of art and love to showcase artists of African descent like me. Lets face it black artist dont get showcase the way white artists do.Its about supporting each other .I found this Rwandan artist on Instagram called Manzi Jackson the mediums he use are oil paints and digtial art.Hes art work is so realistic and its so rare to use black people painted .

Manzi Jackson Instagram link




Whats on my Camera wish list.

I have a few Camera’s on my wish list .My first is Canon 750d .I currently have D5100 Nikon but its time for upgrade .Most black people shoot with Canon, I feel like Nikon DSLR colour settings on black skin aint that flattering. I look a bit grey. I have messy about with the custom setting and I still aint happy. Time for a new camera.

I have been looking  a Canon 750d DSLR with a flip screen, this Camera has good reviews plus it has a microphone input.I also want something for the indie films I wanted to make and this camera has good reviews on NoFilmSchool, which is a website for indie filmmakers. You can buy Canon 750D at Amazon.Just click on the link


This next camera I want is a small DSLR camera with a flip screen .The Canon 200d is the one for me .It would make a great backup camera and vlogging camera.Its a lovely size for travelling as I want to be a travel blogger too. I am going to be travelling more so I need a compact powerful camera.It has a cropped sensor and shoots video at 1080p 60fps and wifi .Its also has a touchscreen.Like Canon brand more as the lens are cheaper the Nikon lens.

I also need some lens .I need 50mm lens for my Nikon D5100 the Nikon AF-S NIKKOR f/1.8G Lens – 50 mm.You can buy it at Amazon .If you would like to buy it please click on the photo to buy it at Amazon.

I want the Yongno Yn EF 50mm this lens got excellent reviews .I saw a fellow Nigerian vlogger using it. And she looked beautiful using it. Its only £44 .Click on the photo if you like to buy it.

It might sound weird to white people or light skin people but not all cameras flatter chocolate coloured skin like mine.
EF 50mm this len.I would appreciate if you use my link to buy the items as there affiliate links and it would help me buy then items I need.If you own them or buy them let me know what you think about them. I am aspiring photographer and learning everything I need to know about photographer via YouTube and library books.

Get the right photographic equipment for dark skin like mine can be difficult. When film cameras first came out ,there were made to flatter white skin tones. Here a film explaining them problem. I am not to sure the problems been solved to be honest.

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Beautiful painting of Black kids

Just wanted to share some lovely paintings of black kids ,that I have found online .Since I am going to be blogging more. I going to blog about varies topics.Right now I am researching and teaching myself how to paint , for my African centred kids books .I have been scrolling the internet for images of black kids .And I always seem to find paintings of African women and kids quite asbract .Its seems to be a popular way to pain Black Africans ,you cant see there facial features but the painting will have amazing colours. That will draw your attention to the image.

Pounding African Women by Francis Ogbenna

African traditional fabric are known for amazing bright colours so its important that painting of black african reflect this.

Women’s Prayer Meeting Painting by Marietjie Henning

These painting are of St Lucia childrens by American artist Johnathan Gladding .Johnathan paintings are so beautiful.I have found quite a few white artist aren’t able to paint black skin tones very well, that compliment black skin tones.Its almost like there afraid of colour and cant see the different in undertones colours of black skin .I also find there aren’t able to draw the facial features that well too. Its like most white artist are only trained to paint white folk. I had to showcase Johnathon art work , as a white man,he has painted some beautiful paintings of people of black african descent.

anba pawasol


Lastly there Nigerian Painter  Nigerian artist Oresegun Olumide ,he works amazing ,its hard sometimes as they look like photos.This painting style is called PhotoRealism ,I have been blow away with hes skill as am artist. Check an interview with him below .Please share and comment .Love Elizabeth

Nigerian artist Oresegun Olumide.jpeg





Ebay Paint Haul

I brought several items from Ebay this month and I brought for new paints , for learning to paint .I was looking for cheap quality paints but with lots of colours for mixing and ex.I have brought Daler Rowney paint before and it lasted for years. So I thought I would try them again.

The first one I brought was Daler Rowney Acrylic Simply 24 set ,they look lovely and its contains my favourite colour Fuchsia Pink. Look forward to using them.

The second set I brought was there Simply Oil 24 set , I was disappointed with this set as there’s no Fuschia pink colour. So I will have to mix the colour but it was a bargain at £10.95 .I will test them out in the next few weeks and see what there like. As they are the cheapest set Daley Rowney do and there for beginners not professional artists. I think there, work fine for a beginners like me.


My Canon film SLR Camera EOS 750.

This is my SLR film camera I brought about two years ago because I couldn’t afford a Digital one.Its a little gem and dirty cheap.Its quite fun to use too. It was about £45 including the lens.It’s quite heavy though but I am sure it will take beautiful photos.

I usually surf the internet to learn more about film photography,as I am not a fan of reading books about photography. I am more of an visual learner.I have watched a lot of YouTube videos about film photography recently.

I have a old 35mm film that needs developing and apparently it’s cheaper to develop the film yourself.But I will leave that for now and just pop too Boots for now.

I enjoy playing with the camera ,it looks so like DSLR camera.I also have a Nikon D5100 but I have no lens for it.I am saving the pennies to get a lens for my Nikon camera.I hope to buy a small film SLR Camera as the 750 eos is too heavy around alot.But that will be later. I will update my blog with the pictures soon.I hope to take some fashion photography ones when I find someone to help me take the photos.