Rimmel Mocha Foundation review

As a Cocoa Brown girl finding foundation that matches my skintone and budget is quite hard .I always stick to a budget of no makeup item must cost me more then ten pounds.I came across a new Rimmel makeup perfection foundation at Tesco ,which says it provides 24 hour moisture hydration. I picked colour Mocha 503 and it was only £6 which is right in my budget.


I have super dry skin so its important that my makeup foundation has moisture in it.I tried this foundation out and I would say the colour was a good match .Its very simply to Black Opal nutmeg colour ,ELF Cocoa and MAC NC50.

It didn’t last 24 hours as it says on the packet, it was gone within 3 hours , as I have super dry skin.But its a lovely foundation.Its nice to see Rimmel London realise that Black British women are here too stay . And that we buy beauty products tooand British beauty is no longer pale English rose skin its a rainbow of colours.And that diversity should me celebrated.I would recommend it if your on a small budget.It doesnt come in a lot of colours if your darker then me but if you can find you colour its worth a try.

Rimmel Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

I am not going to lie ,I am obsessed with winged eyeliner look .I love how it elongates the eye.Every time l wear it ,it’s like I am channeling the Kemetic Egyptian queen Cleopatra .But I do have one problem the styling power of these gel eyeliners.l have excessive watery eye problem .Especially if its cold out side which is under 23 centigrade for me.My eyes start to water and my eye liner will start smuggling in a matter of minutes .lts really annoying as people constantly as me if I am crying and I am not its just bloody cold and I am not build for the cold weather of Europe. I get really upset when my lovely eye makeup is ruined.I really need a water proof one eyeliner and gel liner.I went hunting for one and brought Rimmel waterproof gel eyeliner it was quite expensive at £6.99 a pop.


But l first tried Collection 2000 gel eyeliner and as beautiful as it looked and how cheap it was it smudge really quickly. Pandy eyes with in minutes people.

The Rimmel Gel eyeliner had good reviews but its a waste of money its doesnt last 24 hours its last me about 1 hour ,it smudges too.I am quite upset and dont have the receipt to return it.Its not waterproof .I really like the look of it and I prefer the way gel liner looks but its just isnt waterproof.I am on the hunt again for water proof gel liner. If anyone has an tips or recommendation please comment on the comment section.Please sub and share on social media Love betty

Goddess Locs

Goddess Locs seem to be a new hair crazy in the kinky curly hair world and I love the look.I personally don’t have the patience to do it myself but there look beautiful.What you think folks?

Eva Marcille Goddess locs


Goddess Locks
Tyra Banks


Aftress Bohemian Bulk hair review

I thought I would review my favourite brand of curly hair extension. Which I use for my crochet braids.I wear crochet braids because there easy to manage ,cheap to do and the only hairstyle I can do without anyone’s help.And there a great way of protecting my hair and reduce hair styling time.

The hair l am wearing in this picture is Aftress Bohemian bulk in colour 1.Its a lovely brand of hair soft and a beautiful size curl.And Aftress brand has more hair in the bag compare to Freetress and Glance model model.I usually buy three bags which cost me £4.99 each.I only use 2 bags and a half for the crochet style .And refresh it over the weeks as the hair gets flat with the left over hair.Its suppose to be curling iron safe but I havent use heat on it.I would recommend it the curls are smaller then water wave Freetress brand but its beautiful all the same.


Black Opal Nutmeg Foundation review

Hi folks as a girl on a budget.I have one rule I screw by .Which is not to buy any makeup item over ten pounds. When it comes to makeup foundation my choice is limited in a Vanilla world. But I found Black Opal years ago. It was £7 pounds then and I firstly brought the colour Beautiful Bronze and Hazelhut. But I then brought Nutmeg as Hazelhut was too orange for me.
I have super dry skin, so I always put on a lay of coconut or palm oil on my face before I put on foundation. And even then its dry within about three hours. ( Its a myth that all black women have oily skin).


I prefer liquid foundation as my skin is dry but I brought the stick foundation, this time as I worry about it spilling in my handbag. Its happened before folks.

Its a nice foundation,medium coverage ,cheap. But its just a bit too orange for my likely. Its better in Summer as I am darker then. I always buy two different colours, Nutmeg and Beautiful Bronze. As like Bobbi Brown the makeup artist says.Women of colour who are darker,tend not to have an even colour all over there face. Unless your like Sudanese dark. Those folk always seem to have beautiful dark chocolate skin and even too.

black opal nutmeg and beautiful bronze stick foundation

I aint that lucky, so two colour are always in my makeup case. I must say I have no idea why black women makeup foundation on the cheap end, always seem to be orange. I might be of the chocolate variety but my undertone is yellow not orange or red.Most makeup aim at white skin whether there European descent or Asian tends to have a pink or red based. And Western based makeup companies just mix a bit of brown in it to get the brown based.Saves the companies big buck having to cater for brown skin women.Its a cheap and shoddy way of catering for women of colour .But its quite common practice in the west.

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My new equipment for YouTube videos.

I love YouTube but it takes well to much time ,to set up lights, camera , outfit and makeup .Especially when you can’t find anyone to help you film.Blogging so much easier.And there’s not much money in YouTube if you don’t have tons of subscribers and views.But it’s a fun hobby.I started a new fashion YouTube channel.Got a new camera Sony W830 and photography lights .And I am excited again.

I want too do a sewing video  and outfit video for my new channel so watch this space.

Link below My new Fashion ,sewing and beauty channel

Fake nails by Bodycare

I am a firm believer in faking it until you make it beauty wise.I buy fake hair,fake lashes, fake nails etc.And one thing I love the look of is fake nails. Especially since there cheap and come in a ray of colours.

I came across a cheap packet from Bodycare for£1.50.There French Manicure with a bit of a baby pink tint too them and there lovely.



To put them on.I filed my nail bed down a bit to make my nail bed rough, so the glue has something to bond too.And I put them on a night so the glue has time to dry.I would personally say, try buying another set of glue.As the glue that comes in the package isn’t that great and one or two of the nails have popped off and I have lost them when I have been out and about.

There 24 in packet and there called Body Collection 24 Pink French pearl,there a bargain folks.They look super elegant and classy.



There’s also a lot cheaper then gel nails at the salon especially when your a job seeker like me.On a teeny weeny budget of £73.00 week to live on.

Just because your unemployed doesn’t meant you shouldn’t take care of yourself.

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