Make Up Junkie

I dont wear makeup everyday and my makeup is piling up.I am bit of a Make Up Junkie .I need to start wearing makeup at least three times a week to get my money worth. Its ridiculously .I am buying , buying but not using it enough. I am looking a beauty bloggers and wishing I looked like them. But I am amoust afraid to try out these eye looks I see.I love this eye look from Joyce Parteen. Joyce Parteen one of my favourite beauty bloggers.I also love her Lace front wigs they look so natural on her. I need that hair in my life too.


I still havent got the hang of putting eyelashes on. I am also constantly buying different brands of cheap foundation .But not finishing them before I buy another one. I want to buy Primark foundation in Amber ,as its the first shade that matches my skin tone.But I really don’t need it, just want it. I have a LaRoc Beginners 120 eye palette I need to use up. I am also constantly buying clothes but I didn’t I haven’t enough shoes to wear.I need to revalue my wardrobe. And resist the urge to buy clothes but forget the shoes. And I need to post more fashion looks on Instagram. I love fashion but dont blog enough about it.


I almost feel in my head is beauty blogging worthy part time career. Its the inner critic that stops me some times from being who I want to be. I just love that long hair of Jocelyn but its expensive and got to many bills to pay right now .But I going to use this video on how to make a lace front wig. Once I can afford that human straight hair .

Heres some of my favourite bloggers makeup and fashion looks , instagram


19762042_1991297197803922_4660323052721012736_n (1)

I got some beautiful Kaftans and dresses I need to a Lookbook on. I had Lookbook but no one I know , who knows how to take a good photo. I need to use my remote from my Nikon D5100 and take them myself .


Whats on my Camera wish list.

I have a few Camera’s on my wish list .My first is Canon 750d .I currently have D5100 Nikon but its time for upgrade .Most black people shoot with Canon, I feel like Nikon DSLR colour settings on black skin aint that flattering. I look a bit grey. I have messy about with the custom setting and I still aint happy. Time for a new camera.

I have been looking  a Canon 750d DSLR with a flip screen, this Camera has good reviews plus it has a microphone input.I also want something for the indie films I wanted to make and this camera has good reviews on NoFilmSchool, which is a website for indie filmmakers. You can buy Canon 750D at Amazon.Just click on the link


This next camera I want is a small DSLR camera with a flip screen .The Canon 200d is the one for me .It would make a great backup camera and vlogging camera.Its a lovely size for travelling as I want to be a travel blogger too. I am going to be travelling more so I need a compact powerful camera.It has a cropped sensor and shoots video at 1080p 60fps and wifi .Its also has a touchscreen.Like Canon brand more as the lens are cheaper the Nikon lens.

I also need some lens .I need 50mm lens for my Nikon D5100 the Nikon AF-S NIKKOR f/1.8G Lens – 50 mm.You can buy it at Amazon .If you would like to buy it please click on the photo to buy it at Amazon.

I want the Yongno Yn EF 50mm this lens got excellent reviews .I saw a fellow Nigerian vlogger using it. And she looked beautiful using it. Its only £44 .Click on the photo if you like to buy it.

It might sound weird to white people or light skin people but not all cameras flatter chocolate coloured skin like mine.
EF 50mm this len.I would appreciate if you use my link to buy the items as there affiliate links and it would help me buy then items I need.If you own them or buy them let me know what you think about them. I am aspiring photographer and learning everything I need to know about photographer via YouTube and library books.

Get the right photographic equipment for dark skin like mine can be difficult. When film cameras first came out ,there were made to flatter white skin tones. Here a film explaining them problem. I am not to sure the problems been solved to be honest.

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October Shopping Haul

I have brought quite a few things in October and they took quite a while to be delivered ,as many items came from India or China. First thing I got was a floral turban . Its great way to cover your hair when your having a bad hair day or just can’t be bother to do your hair.Its was dirt cheap and only £2.99.And its feels lovely and soft plus its stretchy. turban floral

Picture 1
Floral Turban


I also brought a EcoTools Buffing brush ,for putting on my foundation.I am happy with the brush as putting my foundation on with my fingers and a sponge was getting messy. I brought it on Ebay for £5.99 ,there were some stray hairs but I just putted them out. Its worth the money and it makes my foundation look nice. I also brought my first bluffing brush ,for applying makeup Foundation . img_20171114_144204-433763278.jpgI

I also brought Jamaican black castor oil for my fibroids .It’s amazing for getting rid of the pain and relaxing the body. Its just a pity in not available on NHS.Its expensive too.


I also brought several scarves in baby Pink , Purple form the market in Arndale centre . I also brought one metre of Red cotton jersey for a headscarf as I was struggling to find a headscarf made of jersey cotton.I wish I didn’t buy this cotton jersey as its a bit stiff and doesn’t have a soft touch to it.I should have brought viscose instead but you live and learn.Its still a lovely colour though.

Hijab and Headscarves

Channeling Naomi Campbell

Winters drawing in ,I need some new hair.I have been getting fed up of big curly hair.I want that smooth Naomi Campbell look. As a teen growing up in UK .I got the stereotype comments ,you look like Naomi Campbell.

naomi 1
Naomi Campbell


Just because we were both black tall and slim. I didn’t even wear a long straight weave .I actually just had long box braids. Plus I don’t think we look a like,I think shes actually darker then me and my nose is longer .And my nose is straighter and its sticks out when you look at me from the side.Plus my nose is wider and Naomi has a cute button nose.Naomi also wears coloured contacts sometimes , I don’t .Shes still beautiful but we don’t look alike.But you know folks are blind.

Naomi Campbell

I think folks we trying to compliment me by saying we look alike but it didn’t really work lol. But I have been grazing at YouTuber Jocelyn Partee makeup look and hair .Its very Naomi Campbell Pocahontas inspired.Jocelyn so pretty .I dont know if I can wear the hair that long but I will give it a try.

Jocelyn Partee

Time to channel Pocahontas,watch this space.

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Makeup Wish List

Even though I love makeup , my makeup skills aren’t great and there are some item I am missing to complete some of the make up looks ,l would like to try out.

The first item I would like to buy is the

Sleek Good Girl Eyeshadow palette its full of different shades of pink and red.


This is a makeup look I would like to try out from YouTuber Beebz its called the Monochrome Cranberry Look when I get the Sleek Good Girl Palette .I think its so beautiful , sexy look and Beebz is such a beautiful lady.


I also want the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette that Beebz use to complete this Eyeshadow look .


The third item I need is a new set of makeup brushes as the first set of makeup brushes I brought of Ebay .The hair kept coming off ,when I was applying makeup.I truthfully love bamboo handles ,so my new set of brushes will have to have bamboo handles .And I want several brushes as I need a few and I hate having to constantly clean my makeup brushes when applying makeup.

Matto 9-Piece Bamboo Makeup Brush Set with Travel Bag


Lastly I just wanted a dressing table as I have no where to storage my makeup.Its all in plastic drawers. My computer table doubles as a dressing table and it aint good .There not enough room for PC ,laptops and my makeup lol. So a table is a must.

Tell me what you would like make up wise .Please comment and share



Technic Pink Nail Polish




I found a beautiful pink nail vanish in Bodycare .Its a beautiful bright fuschia colour.In the picture it looks darker then it is but its a lot brighter in person. Its was only £1.50 a great price for my student budget.

I just love nail vanish , it makes me feel very lady like and glamourous .


Munroe Bergdorf: L’Oreal transgender model on ‘white supremacy

Unless you have been under a rock ,you will have notice the uproar from Loreal Transgender Model Munroe Bergdorf putting white supremacy on blast and the backlash from what she wrote on her facebook page .In relation to how she feel racism aka white supremacy effects people of colour worldwide.

I have made a video on my thoughts but I missed I few points ,I would like to address  this in this blog post.

I feel like her comment which were ” Honestly I dont have the energy to talk about the racial violence of white people .Yes All white people ”

L’Oréal sacks Munroe Bergdorf over ‘all whites are racist’ Facebook post

Is nothing compare to Cheryl Cole being employed by Loreal as diversity model even though she was convicted for aggravated assault and accussed of  racially aggravated assault.This is a great crime to me then a few words written by a traumatized person of colour like Munroe Bergdorf after seeing white supremacist kill people for trying to get rid of white supremacy.It seems like white mainstream society doesnt want to know about people of colours pain, just about white people pain.

It is amazing the amount of white people making video’s about Munroe comments but not calling out Loreal double standards on racism.

What I have learnt from the experinece of Munroe ,is dont bite then hands that feeds you, unless your are prepared to be fired for speaking up against injustice.

And that Loreal is still a white supremacy beauty company that is happy to employ racists and thugs like Cheryl Cole if they promoting white supremacy but not brown skin people who complain about the effect of white supremacy on people of colour.

I havent been a fan of Loreal for a long time, they are forever been accussed of racism aka white supremacy from bleaching Beyonce in beauty ads to not emloying people of colour .The list of there crimes is endless and they have lost court cases due to there racism.

You’re worth it – if white. L’Oréal guilty of racism

I feel like this is one global white beauty company that doesnt need my money .I feel like they are part of the problem not the solution and dont care about the injustice of white supremacy as long as they keep making money.

I feel like Munroe ever though I dont agreed that all white people are racist is proving just how much white supremacy runs the world and how much many white people arent ready to give up there white prilvege.Many of them are part of the problem not the solution .And dont really care ,what effect it has on people of colour or how angry it makes people of colour .

I feel like Munroe has taught me to press on with my dreams of starting my own beauty brand in the future .And to keep vlogging and blogging as my story is important as a women of colour.I think the only way to rid the world of white supremacy ,is for us people of colour .To tell our stories and not wait on white people to get rid of white supreamacy .

I also think Munroe is having the last laugh ,as she now been offered another makeup brand contract with illamasqua ,which accepts her just as she is and doesnt expect her to keep silence over white privllage and racism.

Well done to illamasqua for standing up to injustice and racism.