Riding in style

Hey I am a bicycle fanatic.Other folks like cars but I love bikes.I like to have a few ,to go with my wardrobe and to have a backup just in case I get a flat tyre.I think it’s best to have summer and winter bike.

My last one was stolen and my other mens blue mountain bike one needs to much work to bother fixing it.I just saw a amazingly beautiful Red Claude Butler Ladies bike .It’s on sale for only £175 at Tred Bikes .I will struggle to afford it but I want a new bike so much.I miss my bike so much.Public transport is so expensive and doesnt always go where I need to go.It can take longer too. I also use to do my food shop on my bike.Its great for popping to the local shops and for a nice country side ride in Wigan. It’s a great sustainable transport.They only problem is if I buy this bicycle, it will need a bicycle rack for carrying my shopping.I also think a bicycle basket essentially for putting your handbag in.That also got stolen ,as I like to decorate my baskets with fake plastic flowers.This is my dutch bicycle basket

I am quite artist and it was getting to the point ,when I was getting stopped on the street because people were admiring my floral bicycle basket.They admired it so much they stolen one day.I am still wander the streets of Manchester taking photos of bicycles.Its a bit nerdy but I truly love bicycles .They gave me freedom when my mum couldn’t afford my transport as a kid and when I have been unemployed.I still use it went I am working.I saw this beautiful red Viking Ladies bicycle outside Salford University.Shes so cute.Red is a beautiful colour for a ladies bike.


Here a few old photos of Dutch bikes.Riding in style is most important for Dutch women.


I use to go to Manchester , Salford , Trafford Cycle forum but I got fed up when I saw how long political change takes and when my bike got stolen .I thought whats the point.I fell into a a no bicycle depression.I experienced bicycle withdrawn symptoms like a addict withdrawing from crack. That’s why I take so many photos of bikes. I long for the days when I use to ride my bicycle through the dutch countryside.

I might go back and see if anything change for the better ,cycle wise in Manchester. Manchester is still amazing dangerous city to cycling in.Its car dominated,I ride on the pavement sometimes and put up with the abusive from people.

There a few British Black bloggers who ride bicycle. Here a video from one of my favourite vloggers AnnieDrea ,she so stylish riding her bike.No Lycra in sight. I love take photos of Female cyclist but its hard you got to be super fast and have a small good camera.I want bicycle camera to attach to my bicycle and film myself cycling .





Megabus Manchester to London

A couple of months ago I travel to London via the Megabus to go and get my Nigerian passport. And its was cheap as peanuts I thought I would do a quick review of Megabus for the people who hope to use this bus company.In total it cost me £7.00 to travel to London on a return ticket .I got brought this coach ticket as I couldn’t afford the train fare .It’s double in the last year to go London by train,so Megabus seem like a great option.For people on a teeny weeny budget like me.

I can say it was an alright ride the bus, the seats we comfortable but not enough legroom if your tall like me ( 174cm) .The toilet was teeny weeny too. You cant afford to be fat on Megabus as you will get stuck on the toilet. As the cubicle is so small and its a very tight squeeze .The Wifi wasn’t get but it did the job.

The bus arrive on time at 3.15 am but the only problem was the bus arrived London 1.30 hours late .Due to the another bus driver arriving late in Milton Keynes,which is where the bus drivers change over. And another Megabus just outside London , had a fire and break down. And our driver had to take hes passenger on to our bus. Which made us even later.I realise now after all that, why the Megabus is so cheap. There’s a 50 percent chance it wont arrive on time. But really what could I have done as its was only £7.00 on a return ticket to London from Manchester.



Some of the passengers got upset with the driver for being late arrive to London and they we told they would be kicked off the bus for complaining too much. There were two Nigerians complaining there were quite aggressive.Its the Nigerian way to be very expressive when you speak.I just laugh as you should know better at this price then expect the coach to be on time .Its not Ryanair who are great at being on time.I was just happy are coach didn’t catch fire like the other coach.

This Megabus coach its really for the budget traveler who has a lot of time too kill.I would not recommend it if you need to get there on time.Try National Express for that.

One last thing, there was a screaming baby on the way back that nearly gave me a headache,l think the baby was in pain .Every time I tried to sleep the baby kept crying and let us now, that if he couldn’t sleep no one was going too sleep lol. But apart from that it was a nice trip. Would I use there service again .Yeah sure but only because l am on a small budget and cant afford the train. Happy Travelling ..Please comment ,sub and share on social media.

Riding a bike is only for the brave !

Riding a bike in Manchester is a nightmare, you have to fight for a space everyday.The cycling policy in England is a terrible one. Several governments over the decades have ignored the needs of cyclists and have done there best, to make the bike go the way of the horse and cart.

The culture on the roads in England is a fast paced culture ,very aggressive and.everyone is in a rush .And no one cares for the slower road users like bicycles.Its a truthfully scary experience.I hate riding my bike on there road here, as I’m scared of being knocked over.A cyclist is rarely give enough room on the road and motorists drive to close and to fast to a bicycle user. Below is an example of no room being left for me to cycle through in Manchester city centre. This regularly happens daily to me.

Manchester City Centre gridlock roads

I have no idea if the car industry has a huge lobbying group in UK Parliament but the roads are exclusively design around motor traffic.Unless you live in the student area and there will be some cycle paths there .But lets face it most of the UK population cant live in a student area.

You have to be very brave and have nerves of steel to cycle in the Uk .I love cycling in general and regularly ignore the law that says cycling on the pavement is illegal.As the road is so dangerous.Plus the police never in force the law as they know the UK roads are dangerous.

We cyclists have been designed off the road here.We aint seen as valid form of transport and car drivers ,buses and van rivers regularly try and run you off the road. I moved in 2011 to Netherlands just to ride my bike in peace .And miss it a lot.

I hope things will change but change comes slow in the UK.

When I compare cycling in Germany to here its so much better in Germany .There women are classic and dress fashionable when riding a bike.Theres rarely Lycra in sight .Plus the road infrastructure well better.

Below is a German lady cycling in a leather jacket with her leather handbag in a basket at the back of the bike.Looking Uber fashionable.Its in a city called Mönchengladbach. It would be weird to see a women dress like that in Manchester on a bike with are terrible bicycle infrastructure .She looks amazing chic.

german girl 2.jpg
Cycle Chic German Lady cycling


german 3.jpg
German Lady cycling 

When is Greater Manchester going to get its act together cycling wise? We are well behind the Dutch ,Danish ,Swedish and Germans when it comes to integrating bikes into the transport system.

In Germany they also have better more comfortable bicycles which are a lot cheaper then here to buy.And come in a ray of colours and different sizes too.Here’s a lovely pink grandma bike I spotted in Mönchengladbach .I had to take a quick picture of it.I so wish I had a pink bike like this one.Its a Dutch bicycle. Its called Den Hagg

pink bike german.jpg
Oma fiets ( Grandma Pink Bicycle)

Heres another German Lady riding here bike.

Here’s a pic of me cycling on my dutch bike with my pink tights.Its all about the fashion for me.This is a German cycle path too in a small town in Germany

me 2.jpg
Dutch bike 

No Lycra in sight.I will do more cycle and fashion posts in the future.

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Primark & Deichmann Shoes Haul

This month I’ve been in desperate need of some new shoes for summer and to cycle in .But on a small budget ,my choices of shops were limited .Primark and Deichmann are one of my favourite shops for shopping for shoes on my teeny weeny budget.One of my favourite style of shoes is a canvas pump .I have had them in many colours over the years .From Hot Pink ,Yellow , Denim Blue ,Grey and there by far one of the most comfortable shoes to cycle in. The ones I brought this time were Denim Blue for £4.00 in a size 8 (42) from Primark.


The next pair of shoes I brought ,were Army Green Wellington boots .As I love rolling around in the countryside ,cycling through forest trails and muddy paths .

I enjoy the tranquility of the forest ,so I definitely need a pair of wellies ,as I was fed up of getting my normal shoes wet. There’s a bit big and I need to wear thick shoes or two pairs, to keep them on my feet .But they look lovely and keep my feet dry .As well as giving the festival look .There’s also nice , short in length and are easy to cycle in.There were a bargain at £10 .Can’t complain.


The last pair of shoes I brought was a burgundy canvas shoes .They look like a knock of Converse shoes ,but without the expensive price tag.There were only £ 10.00 and I love them. I’ve had this style in grey and hot pink over the years.But as you know the sole of the shoe always goes .I’ve tried having them repaired but its expensive and the new sole always falls off.These shoes are the type you need to by two pairs of, if you love them that much.I hate wasting shoes especially since the fabric of the shoe ,is always in great condition but what can you do.Its the price of fast fashion and a landfill full of shoes that could have been repaired . Thats what happens when you kill manufacturing in the West.

Bicycle Helmet discriminate against Big Curly hair

Its official people racism is back in fashion and discrimination  against people with curly Afro hair is being brought in via the backdoor.

This week I went to Manchester cycle forum to hear about the plans for improving cycling infrastructure in Manchester .Only to be meant with bigotry,sexism and racist propaganda by a company called Bike right and TfGM.

BikeRight and TfGM have a policy of forcing children to wear helmets on there bike training course funded by TfGM and national government. Even though helmet wearing isn’t mandatory in the United Kingdom

I pointed out ,to TfGM and BikeRight that helmet wearing would discriminate against people with curly hair ,people who like to wear ponytails, deadlocks, updos and people with lamb wool hair ( 4a to 4c hair type brown folk).Plus people who have big heads and folks who just on principles don’t like wearing Bicycle Helmets.

And I was ignored .I was told that no children have even refuse to put a helmet on.And that discrimination didn’t matter.

nmoi campbell

The guy from BikeRight was a bigot,sexism and clearing suffering from institutional racism .As well as Rachel Scott from TfGM. They failed to see that Government’s cycling and walking strategy 2015 includes promoting cycling within ethnicity minorities and to increasing there participation .But couldn’t work out that, curly haired people especially brown people of African descent have a lot of curly hair folk.And a policy of forcing brown skin  curly haired people to put a helmet on. Would reduce there participation in cycling. Even though there meant to be promoting it.It would also reduce anyone with some big arse hair too.As big arse curly hair comes in all races.

If my five year old niece goes in to school ,in a big arse afro puff and some teachers or bike right instructor try squashing her hair into a helmet .I’m going to be piss off.I will be screaming blue murder .Us curly haired people shouldn’t be ashamed of our curls or have to fit into a straight hair world.Just try get Bob Marley size deadlocks into a bike helmet ,if you think there no problem.


I will have to write to TfGM ,Dept of Transport , MP and talk to my fellow curly hair people about organising a protest about this subject.Helmet law is being brought in via stealth. Pump your fist if your down with human rights for curly haired people,people with deadlocks ,jew fros ,ponytail wears, big heads to big for helmet.

keri russell

Fuck the Helmets law being brought in via stealth.

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Bike Right  Liz Clarke email to my twitter conversations

Dear Elizabeth,

I have seen your comments on Twitter today and ask you to retract the comments that are factually incorrect.
a. BIkeRight! is not run by men.
b. BikeRight! is not paid by the car industry or the insurance industry.
c. BIkeRight! is not run for men.

For your information –
BikeRight! is a female owned company that was started by two mothers. Myself and Jo Somerset.
70% of our trainees are women and 50% of child trainees are girls.

Please remove your defamatory comments from Twitter.
I am currently on holiday – you can contact after 12th July if you want to speak to me personally but I do not appreciate slurs about my company on social media.


Sent from my iPad
Please excuse any typos or grammatical errors.

Liz Clarke
Managing Director

Raleigh Sprint Bicycle Review

Hey folks while wandering around town  window shopping.I came across a great new bicycle shop called Cycle Republic .Its a lovely little shop ,that has alot of different bicycles. And they have bicycles that cater for women too.There is a lovely section of classic roadster bikes. I spotted this lovely Red Raleigh Sprint Bicycle. And had a quick test drive of it and fell in love with it.It comes in three sizes 17,19,21 and reminds me of my Oma Dutch bike ,if your in Manchester city centre check the shop out .Cycle Republic is owned by Halford brand.


Complaining about Cycle Lanes in Manchester.

Here’s the pathetic excuse Manchester City Council give me for closing the cycle lane.

Dear Miss Okpo

Thank you for contacting Contact Manchester.The details have been logged on our system

Due to financial constraints, for the foreseeable future all
highway-related funding will be directed towards maintenance of the
network. Due to this we are unable to consider new requests for highway
improvement schemes unless an alternative source of funding has been

Unfortunately, due to limited resources we are unable to investigate this
issue further. If the issue relates to an accident we can advise that
accident data is reviewed by both the Council and the Police to determine
whether additional safety measures are required – this is reviewed on a
regular basis.

The reported problem and location will be logged and entered into a
database highlighting reported issues across the city. If funds are
available then the enquiry and enquiries made by other residents will be
assessed, however, it is very unlikely that funds will be available –
particularly in the short term.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further enquiries.


Contact Manchester
Manchester City Council

The letter I sent to the council via there website is below
Dear Manchester Council
 You have closed the cycle path again on Medlock street , Manchester I fed up of this .I cycle there and have nowhere to cycle .Its was closed a few weeks ago and now its closed again. You have also closed lower Mosley Street to cyclists ,you closed the cycle lane ,made
it damm right dangerous.That road was one of the safe ways into the city
centre as theres a cycle path on Princess road from Hulme which is
segregated , which leaders to Medlock st .
Your causing cyclists to be put in dangerous situation and you have a sign saying providing world class transport .World class transport includes cyclists .This is
disgusting ,cyclists have a right to use the cycle path and not have the
tram dominate the road as well as cars.Q2 That would you like the outcome of the complaint to be?
My reply
Stop closing segregated cycle path ,stop closing cycle path for cars ,bus and trams.
stop treating cyclists likes second class citizen .As well as claiming to
encourage cycling in Greater Manchester