Naija style

Shopping time , Nigerian Independence is coming soon ,I need my first lace.Check out some Naija fashion below. Love pink lace



hausa 1


swiss lace 1


Fashion time Kaftan & Turban .

I love fashion and as I age I getting into more African and Asian inspired Fashion that is comfortable . Western fashion is annoying me with the constant tight ,short clothing.Here my best picks.


s-l1600 (1).jpg




zadie      kaftan fashion

red turban.jpeg

pink hijab hijab


Shoe shopping

As I told you in my last post I don’t have enough ankle boots to wear .I went shoes shopping in Primark today. And I came across some beautiful ankle boots.I love wearing ankle boots for riding my bike because there comfortable and fashionable.I like to ride in style.I came across these in various colours. There only £12.

I sometimes think I should brought two pairs since there so cheap as it’s not easy having big feet .As shoes for big feet are generally expensive and sometimes they don’t come in my size arrhh !

What you think ,I think there Uber stylish and lovely bright colour. There a fake suede material.

Dark Skin Black women being demonized in the media!

Dark Skin black women of the mahogany variety are constantly being demonized .And are having there feminine stripped away. They are regularly presented as androgyny , as more masculine then there fair skin sisters. Its a very damaging and dehumanize for black women .Its continue of what was happening under colonization and slavery .That black people were class as half human.

alex wek 2

This is Sudenese model Alek Wek below and here is a disgusting photo which stinks of racism.Why are dark skin black women nearly always present as over masculine, why is dark skin black woman photography with devil horns all the way down her body?

When fair skin black women like Beyonce are celebrated. Its like the closer your are to white the more human your presented.Photos like these, brainwash people into using brutal behave towards black women It makes white people scared of dark skin black women especially.

alex wek
Alek Wek

Grace Jones in the 80s was presented the same was , as to say she less attractive then a medium brown skin black women like Kelly Rowland.

Grace Jones

Dark skin black women seems to be photography to make them look scary, dark & sinister. Look at how Mel Brown was named Scary Spice just over hair.But in contrast look at how a white woman like Sinead O Connor ,when has she been portray as masculine, just because she has a bald head? Racism can be very convert , people.

Sinead O Connor


A dark skin Black women feminine is always questioned, as to say she lacks it compare to light skin women.I am fed up of the subtle racism at play here .The question prose by  Sojourner Truth proposed Aint I women ? Is as relevant today , as it was for her. There are people celebrating the Black Panther Movie but not asking how many times do we have to see dark skin bald head black women presented as masculine and wonder why black women are killed at the hands of white police officers.

Just my thoughts folks please share on social media and comment..

scary brown
Scary Spice

Nikon new AP lens

I’ve had my Nikon D5100 since 2014 , its take me a long time to get use too it. And I am still learning how to use it. But I am upset ,as Nikon has changed there lens and the new AP lens aren’t compatible with my old D5100 Camera. There only compatible with three Nikon DSLR cameras: D3300, D5300 and D5500. I regret buying this camera to be honest ,I wish I would have brought Canon instead.


Nikon lens are also more expensive then Canon. Nikon a brand for someone with a lot of cash to burn. Not a mature student like me on a limited budget. I think its time to switch to Canon. I would like to get the Canon 700d or 750.


I would also like to get a mirrorless camera like Canon M10 because its got pop up screen and changeable lens .It would be a great vlogging camera.I would also like to get some different lens to take more photos with.This is my Wish list is 50mm lens , 55-200mm .


Its so important to be proud of where you come from ,especially if your of African descent. The way Africans are demonized in the media is disgusting.But today was one of those days when I said Fuck western beaut standards.I am doing me 360 days a year.This headscarf inspired by the Fulani and Tuareg women of Niger.Team Africa

IMG_20171207_185559 IMG_20171207_191053

Why is it so hard for the west to understand that its wealth is built on the back of Africans pain ,suffering and wealth.Its time to celebrate diverse of Africa and not just western European Caucasian beauty .FYBStandards.

Picture 35

Pretty in pink ,baby pink viscose scarf, what to do with the hair.

Picture 38

I love Malian singer Fatoumata Diawara fashion sense so many colours ,she may fashion role model

Fatoumata Diawara
Fatoumata Diawara



African print fashion

dress 8
African Strapless Dashiki Dress

I have been celebrating my African heritage lately.And plain fed up of plain colours and patterns that the clothes that I found on the high street come in. I have come across some beautiful pieces in Asian and African shops. As well as online. Here what I want for my wardrobe.In time for my African holidays

Lime Green Dashiki print dress


Maasai Leather Sandals

Made of 100 % cotton and come in a vary of colours, some Massai leather sandals

dress red.jpg
Red African Strapless Dashiki Dress.


dress 1
Dashiki purple print
dress 6
African Strapless Dashiki Dress.


African Dashiki Shirt


shirt 6
African Strapless Dashiki Shirt.


Maasai Earrings

Maasai are know for wearing bright clothes,just like the west african prints .Bright colours are everywhere

maasai women
Maasai Women

I want all the clothes and all these items. What on you clothes fashion wish list ?please comment and share on social media.Love Betty